New AutoFocus and Aperture features - November 2017

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Joe Delio here from the Live Community team, bringing you the latest features that have recently been released! We will be talking about the latest features included with AutoFocus 2.0.2 and Aperture release 24.


New AutoFocus 2.0.2 features:

  • New Widgets to Visualize Sample Verdicts and Sources: AutoFocus has added 2 new widgets to the AutoFocus dashboard; Device Verdicts Grid and Sample Verdicts. For details and instructions on how to add these new widgets to your AutoFocus dashboard, please visit:
    New Widgets to Visualize Sample Verdicts and Sources
  • Report Incorrect Sample Verdicts: AutoFocus now allows you to submit correction requests for suspected incorrect sample verdicts. For more details on this, please visit:
    Report Incorrect Sample Verdicts


Bonus feature:

  • PAN-OS Telemetry: AutoFocus will now provide a central place where all the telemetry data that we collect and made available to our customers.


For more information on Getting Started with AutoFocus and everything else you may need to get the most from AutoFocus, please visit the AutoFocus Admin Guide here:

To keep up to date with all new AutoFocus features or to see a history of features that have been added, please be sure to visit the AutoFocus New Features Guide here:


New/Enhanced Features Introduced for Aperture release 24:

  • Gmail (Beta): The newly added Gmail for business can be added to Aperture.
  • Gmail Setting Enhancement: You can now identify vulnerable Gmail settings and activities to guard against impersonation, exposures and privacy violations using the Aperture service.
  • Healthcare Keywords Filtering: The Aperture service now categorizes asset exposures for healthcare documents using machine learning algorithms to classify and detect sensitive information and identify exposures with the most risks for further inspection.
  • Confluence Risk Remediation: You can now remediate Confluence assets and apply policy rules to automatically change sharing, notify file owners of exposures and vulnerabilities, and quarantine compromised assets.
  • Citrix ShareFile Risk Remediation: You can now create policy rules to quarantine compromised ShareFile assets and automatically notify owners of incidents, risky user activity, and when an asset is vulnerable.
  • Workplace by Facebook (beta): You can now secure Workplace by Facebook using the Aperture service. The service analyzes data in your Workplace by Facebook app and performs policy-driven risk analysis so that you can proactively discover risks.
  • Enhanced Support for Exchange: You can now detect any Exchange administrator accessing the inbox of end users with the Aperture service to help guard against user impersonation and privacy violations. In addition, you can now identify public folders in Exchange to reduce inappropriate exposures.

If you need more information on how to use the Aperture service, please refer to the Aperture Administrator’s Guide.


If you would like to stay up to date with all of the new features included with Aperture broken down to each month, please make sure that you bookmark the following page:


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