PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: User-ID

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With the launch PAN-OS 9.0 comes a truckload of new features, here are a few highlights of features we added to User-ID : WinRM Support for Server Monitoring, Increased Terminal Services Capacity, User-ID Scaling in Terminal Services Capacity.


WinRM Support for Server Monitoring

  • Provide an option for an alternative method to retrieve security logs and session info - Windows Remote Management (WinRM) to retrieve data (both over HTTP and HTTPS).
  • This method, improves performance and consumes less memory and CPU.
  • WinRM transit traffic is identified by the firewall as windows-remote-management in case the management interface is not used.




Increased Terminal Services Capacity

  • This feature increases the limit on the number of TS Agents supported on some of the platforms.
  • Another change introduced in this feature is that the TS Agent now supports host names for alternative host addresses.


Model Old Capacity New Capacity
PA-7000-100G-NPC NA 2500
PA-52x0, VM-700 1000 2500
VM-500, PA-70x0 1000 2000
PA-32x0 400 2000
PA-8x0 400 1000
PA-30x0, PA-220R, All other VM models 400



Alternative Hosts.jpgAlternative Host Addresses


 User-ID Scaling in Terminal Services Capacity

  • The IP-user mappings learned on a single vsys can be shared by other virtual systems on the firewall.  A virtual system can be selected as the User-ID hub to share mappings with other virtual systems.


Inter-vsys User-ID data sharing.jpgInter-vsys User-ID Data Sharing


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