QUIC Protocol Updates in Chrome 70

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QUIC is a protocol developed by Google that uses UDP for its transportation and supports multiplexed connections between two endpoints. This provides a security equivalent TLS/SSL and reduces connection and transport latency.


When using Chrome, many Google services like Gmail and YouTube will prefer QUIC over TCP TLS


In Chrome version 70, Google is updating its QUIC protocol to version 44, Application and Threat Content Update version 8080 updates our existing "quic" App-ID to remain compliant with QUIC version 44.

To prevent running into issues when Google releases their update on October 16th, it is recommended to update the content packages on your firewalls to version 8080 or above at your earliest convenience. 


If you have an active support license, we have prepared some additional instructions and Frequently Asked Questions right here:

Important information regarding QUIC and Google Chrome version 70



Stay frosty

by Alex_Samad
3 weeks ago

I just block quic - simplest option


by GlyphVentures

Am seeing reports of HTTP-over-QUIC being renamed as HTML/3 by the IETF. If this is actually correct, then I can only assume that with adoption of the new protocol we are going to start seeing a lot more QUIC connections on the network.


Interesting article over at zdnet:  https://www.zdnet.com/article/http-over-quic-to-be-renamed-http3/


As metioned by Alex_Samad above and the best practices, I assume the suggested approach is to still block the traffic to force chrome to fallback, but is their anything on the horizon that might help with this issue in future?

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