Reaper's St. Patrick's Day Limerick Contest

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Since St. Patrick's day is coming up and we found another box of loot containing a whole bunch of Live Community tshirts (rare) and a couple of epic (yellow) and legendary (purple) items (surprise!), this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and see who in the community is not only a techie, but also a bit of a poet.


The rules will be the similar to the Halloween contest:


  • I'm looking for some creative rhymes related to your firewall or your data center or threats or,... you know what, you pick something fun!  :)
  • Preferably as a Limerick (these will be picked first, other formats follow next, haikus are okay, too! ;P)
  • Bonus points if you somehow combine St. Patrick with a security theme.
  • We (myself and the rest of the Live Community team) will hand pick a few of the best submissions and send the winners some loot. The first couple of places will get epic and legendary items along with a tshirt; the next few will get a tshirt and maybe a legendary item, depending on how deep this box is I just found under my desk:


What's in the boooox?!?!What's in the boooox?!?!






Here are a few examples, to get you started!



I once found this box filled with loot

containing Live Community branded stuff to boot

I set up a game

community members came

The Limericks they wrote were a hoot!





My cube is quite a mess

I should clean it more often I confess

I'll do that in a bit

before our office manager has a fit

and I will find myself in distress



What you got?!


We'll be looking out for some really creative entries, so have at it!


Reaper out.

by Otakar.Klier
2 weeks ago

The bad guys on the internet are vicious

Its always good to be suspicious

The day after st patricks day is dire

Due to the copious drinks consumed the day prior

So stay hydrated and diligent and not superstitious

by vmadhu
2 weeks ago

I know browsing is exciting,

  But watchout bad people are sighting !

It might be conserning,

  Stay Cool, your PAN warriors are fighting,

Hence Protecting and Safegurding you from the vicious Hacking. 

by vsys_remo
2 weeks ago

Against the most evil threats your Palo will stay

To protect you and your company all night and day

So on St. Patricks day you can take a break

From security, malware and the "oil from the snake"

But only if you configured everything the right way ;)

by jvalentine
2 weeks ago

There once was a young engineer,

an epiphany he had over beers.

  applications galore,

  prevention, and more!

Palo Alto, created by Nir.  

by BPry
2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

I once had a network with holes

It often let in all the moles

But then I purchased a Palo

Now I’m a saint with a halo

And the free time, I do have some mores

by DonohoeRobert
2 weeks ago

The legacy guys are comical

The way they id applications is farcical

Palo came along

Legacy guys are gone

And now firewall admins are jovial



Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.20.11.png

by theonewhoknocks
2 weeks ago

There was a huge firewall issue
Don't know what to do, so I prayed to Vishnu
Everyone thought it's a bug
Then I found out a cable unplugged
I think I'll lose my job, please give me a tissue

by MickBall
2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

St Patrick was working on the greenhouse effect

When his browser failed to interconnect

So he added some ram

Sent out some spam

And then reconfigured his globalprotect




BOOM! hash tag smiley face lol.

by jvalentine
2 weeks ago

Palo Alto, PANW, and PAN

Don’t abbreviate our name, says the man

     René Bonvanie 

     CMO, EVP

“Palo Alto Networks” he demands.

by mmcspedon
2 weeks ago - last edited a week ago

There once was an attacker from Nantucket,

out to hack an AWS S3 Bucket.

Palo was there,

and stopped the threat in mid air,

while all the legacy vendors said, "_ _ _ _ it!"

by StPatrick
a week ago

St.Patrick used Traps to catch snakes
his Security Profiles could spot fakes
When his job was done
it was time for fun
he went off to swim the Guinness lakes





by slevine
a week ago

St. Pat once was itchin'

To subject everything to Decryption

He powered up hard

With PA firewalls on guard

And now everything's just bitchin'!

by pwatkins
a week ago - last edited a week ago

There was once a chap who was full of mishap,

who launched an attack against your app,

But what he didn’t know is he should have never gave it a go,

Stopped by the PAN cloud platform was the result for this foe,

Freeing him to hack easier targets and share his trade of woe.

by dphillips
a week ago

There once was an admin named Ted
Malware caused an ache in his head
Now he thwarts bad intention
With next gen Threat Prevention
"Thanks Palo Alto!" he said 

by dphillips
a week ago

You've had a security lapse
Pray to Saint Patrick perhaps
Our products inspire!
Wildfire, Magnifier
For endpoint protection, get Traps

a week ago - last edited a week ago

I will throw my own one out there..


There was once a story of a Leprechaun

Who was always afraid of being conned

He was also a security engineer

whose job would also make him sneer


Especially when security threats were near

As Loosing all his gold was his worst fear

Especially with all of those bitcoin miners

Then Palo Alto appeared out of the blue

And then his future was a lot finer


Now with Palo Alto Networks here 

There was nothing more to fear

Even though he still didn't have a clue

But that is why the Live Community is here for you


by slevine
a week ago

St. Pat accepted a bad cipher

That was weak as a one-handed fifer

He bought a PA

Blew that algo away

Now he's a PA lifer!

by twagner
Tuesday - last edited Tuesday

Customer Success will get the customers armed

You don’t  need a lucky charm 🍀

PPA is the thorough way to go

But BPA will get you in the know

Our tools are here to help and to prevent harm

by kdaruwalla

Ours is the Platform Story,

WildFire, Aperture, AutoFocus,App framework and all its glory.

Protecting customers by prevention of successful attacks,

reducing cyber attacks in their tracks.

Ignite is the place where you learn it all,

If you'd like to join us, give us a call.

by jprovine

There once was a place with malware shamrocks
We created some rules that would block
At the end of the day you could hear me proclaim
I am the queen with my lean mean green PA machine

Wednesday - last edited Wednesday

Submitted by Rakhee S (via LinkedIn)


Oh it is just as I feared, y'all

My data disappeared an' all

Hearing my din

St Patrick stepped in

And said duh! Get a firewall

8 hours ago

🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀

St. Patrick's Day cometh tomorrow!

Be sure to not be left in sorrow!

Get your rhyme in

Some prizes to win

Loot & swag then you won't have to borrow!

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