Reapers Halloween Challenge!

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As we're nearing the end of spooktober, All Hallows Eve is upon us, time for a fun challenge!



It's becoming a yearly tradition that I challenge everyone to show off their skills in all kind of different challenges, and this year we're going to try and dabble in a bit of Japanese poetry




A Haiku-off!

The Challenge is simple: compose a haiku that is both scary and somewhat related to our field (security/networking/general IT or good old helldesk stories)

The composition of a haiku is usually 3 lines with the first line being 5 syllables, second line being 7 and the third 5, so 17 syllables in total.



I like my firewall (5)

It stops bad men in their tracks (7)

Then i take their soul (5)


I'm not going to be a stick in the mud and enforce strict rules, so if you are able to make something haiku-like with a few more or less syllables, that will do just fine (we're here to have fun, after all ;) )


As per the usual, we (the Live Community team) will be hand-picking a few lucky people to win some loot and gain eternal glory in the hall of fame of the Live community! so get your thinking skull-masks out and sit in a dark crevace while you write poetry most evil



My scythe is worn out

Many blogs by my hand cast

Now its time for fun




by erikda
a month ago

Why was the packets sent?

I didn't know what all this meant

Palo Alto budget well spent

by LukeBullimore
a month ago

How to spook malware...?

...go trick or treating with my...

shiny new firewall!

by ctktg
a month ago

Security is
Your responsility
On prem AND in the cloud




by MickBall
4 weeks ago

Packets sent by glass !

A flickering light is seen

But I still hear them



corny but accurate... 5-7-5 and does not rhyme...

Plus... anyone who reads this will immediately poo thier pants... 

Please send cash, no more hoodies...

by dstjames
4 weeks ago

My firewall is cool

Fans suck in air to stay cool

Dont be jealous upgrade

by leeroy-jenkins
4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago


Knock Knock, TRICK or TREAT!

Dam it that malware got us

Next time use Palo


by jprovine
4 weeks ago

dont get spooked
make those vampire threats puke
with palo alto boot

4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

Just throwing this out.. again, no need to rhyme.. 


Without Our Networks to Hack
The Hackers wouldn't have anything to hack
But Palo Alto Helps protect

by dickes
4 weeks ago

When threats lurk all around

Our savior comes to root out evil

Palo Alto conquers Internet Demons

by TLineberry
3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago

Ghoulish traffic tries

But quickly stops and it dies!

Palo’s there ‘fore it cries

by johnsonto
3 weeks ago

I seek and destroy

In the land of trust no one

With my trusty PA

by vsys_remo
3 weeks ago

Let me introduce

We are the zombie VMs

We will eat your RAM

by vsys_remo
3 weeks ago

Forti and cisco stand still

Scared to death by fancy bear

Palo fights till the end

by AlexZu
3 weeks ago

seeking 0-day threats
wildfire burns an evil red
stay a step ahead

by Rajesh12
3 weeks ago

Cunning fox planned to escape
Hidden in the pouch of trusty Kangaroo
But caught by nextgen Chimpanzee

by ebrookman
2 weeks ago

It's not the darn firewall.

I can guarantee it's not the firewall.

See, I told you so!

by gwesson
2 weeks ago

Zombies come for me

My HA-1 link is down

Oh no, a split brain

by devora
2 weeks ago

I wrote all the rules
oh no forgot to commit
Now I work weekend





A true horror story 

by theonewhoknocks
2 weeks ago

Packets were dropping

Internet cannot be reached

Someone pulled the cable



One scary story

Boss said our firewall is down

We don't own a firewall


Subscription expires

Users freely browse all they want

Boss walks up to me...

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