Traps 4.1.1 better for macOS High Sierra, Microsoft Outlook and Windows

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If you use Traps 4.1 and macOS High Sierra, Microsoft Outlook or Windows, then the following information is going to be very important to know about. 


There have been many enhancements (fixes) that have been included in the latest version of Traps 4.1.1.


You can find all of the addressed issues in the release notes, but I would like to point out 3 issues we consider major and due to those, customers on 4.1.0 are recommended to upgrade to 4.1.1 as soon as possible:


  • CYV-13230 / CYV-13279 – Traps agent support on macOS High Sierra (10.13).
  • CYV-13224 – Fixed an issue where Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 closed abruptly when installed in parallel with Traps. Note: Although Outlook 2007 and 2010 are mentioned in the title of this addressed issue, it was observed by customers with other processes and Traps low-level team was able to identify a root cause for possible crashes that are associated with ROP Mitigation and JIT Mitigation modules. It is highly recommended that customers on 4.1.0 will upgrade to 4.1.1 and not disable ROP Mitigation and JIT Mitigation modules, because that will dramatically reduce security coverage for certain processes.
  • CYV-13319 – Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where a stop error occurred due to a race condition between the Traps Anti-Ransomware Protection module and third-party applications with drivers that are registered for process notification callbacks. It is highly recommended that anyone using Traps 4.1.0 upgrade to Traps 4.1.1 which resolves the race condition.


Again, for all fixes included in Traps 4.1.1 and features of Traps 4.1.0 please refer to the full release notes for Traps 4.1.1 available here:


For more information, please see the resource list on Traps:

Endpoint / Traps Resource list


For all other Traps articles, please visit the Traps Endpoint page here:

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Thanks for reading, and as always, we welcome all feedback, questions and comments below.


Stay secure!

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