Weekly Recap 49

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NEW!! Discussion of the Week (DotW)

DotW: Blocking Snapchat

Even though our member was blocking the application Snapchat, it seemed like some traffic was still getting through. More precisely, pictures were still passing through the firewall, whereas text messages were being blocked correctly. See how the power of the community rules the discussion from problem through solution. Thanks for the question and a whole lot of help from @rmiller1, @BPry. @bmorris1 and our very own @kiwi, Live Community Solutions Engineer Kim Wens.

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NEW!! Tips & Tricks

Complete Action List in Profiles

Beginning with PAN-OS 7.0, we've added more actions you can take with threat signatures. Previously, only allow, alert, and block actions were permitted, but we now offer more scalable actions that permit more control and granularity, and  are also logged in threat logs. We even illustrate mapping actions for you if you're downgrading or upgrading around PAN-OS 7.0. You're going to like this!

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Video Tutorial

Application Filter Traffic Reports (video with transcript)

Can you create traffic reports based on application filters? Yes, you can! Let's watch and learn as Kim walks us through the steps to use application filters to create a nice custom report for yourself. Here we go!

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Complete List of PAN-DB URL Filtering Categories

If there is a specific site for which you'd like to known the URL category, please visit the test site in the article to test the URL. This article is a complete list of PAN-DB URL filtering categories.



Microsoft Office 365 Access Control Field Support Guide

Microsoft Office 365 Access Control Field Support Guide

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App-ID for Office 365

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This versatile tool includes the repository on GitHub, articles, discussions and more. Use MineMeld to mine, collect, aggregate and filter threat indicators, then meld your knowledge with that of other users. Engage here in the Live Community!


OPSWAT Support Charts for GlobalProtect 3.1.0

Please refer to the OPSWAT Support Chart for a list of third-party products that can be detected by a specific GlobalProtect software version.
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Tour the New Live Community (video with transcript)

We've got you covered in 6 different languages in the Live Community! Take our quick tour of enhancements to discussion and navigation and let us know what you think!

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Live Community YouTube Channel

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Tech Docs

Use the tables in the Palo Alto Networks® Compatibility Matrix to determine support for Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls, appliances, and agents. Find a pdf here.

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