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LiveWeek 26 Jan 2018

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Have you checked the Release Notes for PAN-OS versions? The Release Notes just might hold the answer to the mystery of that issue you can't quite put your finger on. New Traps releases! See how Traps prevents Microsoft Office Equation Editor Zero-Day CVE-2018-0802. Move the cloud celebration and coversation beyond your desk -- attend an Epic Cloud Security Event viewing party with others on February 6. See which cities will be hosting viewing parties! 5 critical mistakes to avoid when buying your firewall. Message for Davos 2018. Join us on YouTube and follow us on Twitter. 


New Cloud Service offerings! Part 3 of 3 - Panorama in AWS

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Last part of our New Cloud service offerings discusses Panorama in AWS. Click to read more and watch the video.

New Cloud Panorama.jpg


PAN-OS Versions and Release Notes

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Having an issue that you can't quite put your finger on? Have you verified if it's a known behaviour or if it's already fixed in a more recent PAN-OS version? Check out this blog and find out why release notes are worth checking out!


New Traps releases 4.0.5-h1 and 4.1.2-h1

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The new Traps releases contain fixes that are very important for security professionals. Click to get all the details on what is fixed with Traps 4.0.5-h1 and 4.1.2-h1.



Epic Cloud Security Event Livestream Viewing Party Locations

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Do you want to watch the Epic Cloud Security Event, but prefer to be with others you can interact with at the same time? Good news! We have 10 locations across the US and Canada for you to attend an exclusive livestream viewing party. 



LiveWeek 19 Jan 2018

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Joe makes good on his promise to tell all about our new cloud offerings. Part 2 covers GlobalProtect Cloud Service, with innovative and secure solutions to deploy and scale GlobalProtect. Register for the Epic Cloud Security Event February 6 and enjoy both agility and protection in the cloud. See how a transparent, alternative, and hybrid solution can help you implement best practices for safe search. Aperture speaks Japanese.  AutoFocus 2.0.3. Ignite call for papers extended to February 12! Join more than 4000 subscribers on YouTube and follow us on Twitter. 


Join Us February 6 for the Epic Cloud Security Event!

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How do you get alignment across IT to achieve the perfect balance of agility and protectionHear real-world success stories from cloud pioneers and global organizations in a candid, fast-paced and enlightening cloud conversation.





Konnichiwa Aperture!

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Now one easy switch lets you customize the display languages in Aperture to view navigation options, dialogs, menus, forms, error reporting, text headings, and JavaScript static texts in your preferred language.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 8.54.00 AM.png


New Cloud Service offerings! Part 2 of 3 - GlobalProtect Cloud Service

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Want to learn all about GlobalProtect Cloud Service? Then look no further -- all the details, including a video, are right here. 




Safe Search Best Practices with Palo Alto Networks

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If you want to learn about best practices for using Safe Search and Palo Alto Networks, then enter the classroom of this blog. See how a transparent, alternative, and hybrid solution can help you achieve your goals with safe search. Click to learn more.




LiveWeek 12 Jan 2018

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Customer advisory and information about Spectre and Meltdown --  join the discussion and be in the know. Check out our video and learn how to size storage for the Logging Service. Ready for that Mexico vacay? Take or renew the PCNSE while you're there on January 23. Five critical mistakes to avoid when selecting and sizing your new firewall. Get ready for the Epic Cloud Security event February 6. Join us on YouTube and follow us on Twitter.


UPDATED - Urgent action recommended regarding recent security advisory PAN-SA-2017-0027

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Customer Advisory: Urgent action recommended regarding recent security advisory PAN-SA-2017-0027. Click the link to read more on this special advisory recommendation.


LiveWeek 5 Jan 2018

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Welcome 2018 with NEW Cloud Service offerings -- Part 1: The Logging Service blog and video. The best cloud coverage, without a SPECTRE of rain in sight -- no MELTDOWN here. When your firewall is possessed...and other anomalies in Reaper's year-end contest. Cert Fest in Mexico City January 23. Join nearly 4000 subscribers contributing to more than 315,000 views on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter. Be a part of something greater, bigger, awesome -- join the Live Community.


New Vulnerabilities - Meltdown and Spectre - What we know

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Want to know more about the 2 new vulnerabilities revealed this week - Meltdown and Spectre? Then click to read more.



CERT FEST is coming to Mexico City! We hope to see you there January 23 2018.

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If you have been thinking of taking or renewing the PCNSE exam but haven’t had the time, CERT FEST is a great opportunity for you!


New Cloud Service offerings! Part 1 of 3 - Logging Service

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Want to know all about Palo Alto Networks new Cloud Service offerings? Click to learn all about the new Logging Service and be sure to watch the video explaining it all.

2018-01-03_new cloud p1.jpg


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