Am I getting my updates? (U is for Updates)

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Read Joe's latest blog to learn all about about Dynamic Updates, how to schedule them and how to check for updates.




LiveWeek 4:2017

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What more can your firewall do? Your firewall can generate custom reports to keep you posted about everything happening in your network. Like that? You'll also like our focus on GlobalProtect this week: Take a look at changes in the Windows user login experience between recent versions of Microsoft Windows and the impact on GlobalProtect SSO.  Learn about configuring GlobalProtect, AD passwords using GlobalProtect, autoscaling GlobalProtect in AWS and more.


LiveWeek 3:2017

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The Palo Alto Networks firewall comes with 2 implied security policies unless overruled. See why the intrazone and interzone default rules are important. An about-face to u-turn NAT. How to block URLs that have a particular pattern or string. How to use AutoFocus. Threat intelligence gone awesome in Minemeld. Get the help and security you need with Microsoft Office 365. OPSWAT support charts and more.


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