Geolocation and geoblocking

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Did you know you can block traffic based upon countries or regions? Also, did you know there's a way to trick devices into believing that you are from another region or country?

Read all about it in this blog!



What a difference a Deny makes

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Some configuration choices may seem benign but could have unexpected repercussions. This includes which action to choose when defining a security policy.


Cyberpedia: What is it and why should you care?

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Cyberpedia. If you are curious about Cyberpedia and want to learn all about it, then click to find more information.



LiveWeek 17 November 2017

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Self-inflicted AWS auto-scaling failures and how to avoid them. Sizing storage for the Logging Service. FILES and TOP FILE TYPES in the SaaS report. Create a lab to test ICS/SCADA protocols. An antivirus collision with a false positive -- how to deal.  SSL forward-proxy vs inbound inspection decryption mode. IPSec VPN IKE phase 1 down but tunnel active. Your favorite Palo Alto Networks feature. Capture the hoodie. Watch our great videos on YouTube with more than 3500 other savvy subscribers.


New AutoFocus and Aperture features - November 2017

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New features are being added to AutoFocus and Aperture every month. From new Widgets for AutoFocus to new services and risk remediation methods. Take a minute to see what has been added to both applications here.


LiveWeek 10 Nov 2017

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Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Stop the unwanted ring of cryptocurrency escaping your browser -- Palo Alto Networks tools and resources to the rescue! Is malware or not? Get some tunnel vision and enjoy more clarity in the tunnel -- tech docs shows how.  Add to 269,079 views of 100+ fascinating videos keeping 3509 subscribers enthralled on YouTube. Join us in the community.

Read more... – Malware or not?

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With the sheer amount of malware in the wild, it is hard to know what is real malware and what is not. 

Read about and see why it may -- or may not -- be considered malware.



LiveWeek 3 Nov 2017

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Rules, rules, rules! Schedule rules on a daily or weekly basis - yes, you can! Your new rule is at the bottom of your rule base, now what? (It's all Paul's fault, but the fix is on you! We got your back on this one.) Halloween has come and gone, but the treat of a Live Community hoodie for the best hack, pic, video, or spoof lives on! You just gotta play to win!  What has 3435 subscribers and 262,451 views? Yes, our very own YouTube channel. Get the best seat in the house, grab the popcorn, settle in, and bring your questions right here, to your Live Community.


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