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Log Forwarding App for Cortex XDR Analytics

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Learn all about the new Log Forwarding App for Cortex XDR, including features and what is needed to activate.


Women in Technology: Customer Advocate Bushra Ansar Syeda

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The Live Community continues its focus on Women Who Tech with Bushra Ansar Syeda, who works at keeping Palo Alto Networks customers happy in the CAP (Critical Accounts Program).


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Debunking the Myth Around Implementing Zero Trust

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Join John Kindervag and Scott Stevens on April 4th for their webcast that includes a live Q&A. Get insights into effectively implementing a Zero Trust strategy. 

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Charles Buege has worked in IT for over 25 years and runs an IT-based meetup where the group talks tech.


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New Templates on VM-Series in Public Cloud Resource Pages

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See what’s new on the VM-Series in Public Cloud resource pages. Check out the new bootstrapping videos, reference architecture and deployment guides, and new templates and tools.


Custom App-ID for NCAA March Madness 2019

by vsathiamoo on ‎03-18-2019 03:28 PM - last edited on ‎03-18-2019 04:10 PM by (2,589 Views)

Full-court press and block all shots with our great tradition of custom apps for March Madness.


Cortex XDR Event March 19, 2019 – Break the Security Silos

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To be a part of the Cortex XDR release to the world, please be sure to read and then register for the event on March 19, 2019.

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New Features in GlobalProtect Cloud Service 1.3.1

by Community Manager on ‎03-18-2019 01:41 PM - last edited 4 weeks ago by (677 Views)

GlobalProtect Cloud Service 1.3.1 has been released and comes with several new features.


How to Take Back Control of Your DNS Traffic

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How can you take back control of your DNS traffic and prevent advanced threats like DNS tunneling? Join our Best Practices webinar on March 19th and find out!


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Did you know: VM-Series and Cisco ACI

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Get all of the details when it comes to implementing VM-Series and Cisco ACI.

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Cortex and How to Find What You Need

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Recently, some of our products experienced a name change. Here's a list for you to help demistify some of the confusion that may have occured.


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Deploy the VM-Series Firewall on Alibaba Cloud

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Deploying the VM-Series firewall on Alibaba Cloud protects networks you create within Alibaba Cloud. In this release, you can deploy VM-Series firewalls to protect internet-facing applications and hybrid cloud deployments.


Two Methods for MFA Now Available on the CSP

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Update: Two Methods for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Available for the Customer Support Portal (CSP)

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App-IDs for March

by Community Manager on ‎03-13-2019 02:38 AM - last edited 3 weeks ago by (378 Views)

Palo Alto Networks releases new App-IDs every third Tuesday of the month. Take a look and decide if you need to update your security policies. 


Using Azure Information Protection Policies to Control Document Flow at the Firewall

by Community Manager on ‎03-07-2019 12:23 AM - last edited on ‎03-08-2019 02:37 PM by (732 Views)

Data security is increasingly important as organizations seek solutions to meet GDPR and other compliance standards. What are the challenges?


Customer Support Portal (CSP) Role and Name Changes Coming Soon

by on ‎03-06-2019 04:47 PM - last edited on ‎03-08-2019 04:52 AM by (240 Views)

The Customer Support Portal (CSP) is going to change up some of the names and roles that currently exist. We cover what is going to be changing.


International Women's Day: The Live Community Takes a Look Inside

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International Women's Day finds the Live Community in an introspective mood. Our resident programmer's work takes place  largely in the background, yet quietly brings her talent center stage. Join us as we explore what it means and looks like to be the change we want to see in the world, starting right here --  in our very own community.


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