LiveWeek 11:2017

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Detect and prevent malicious Disttrack activity. All the scoop and all the protection for Shamoon 2. Match different URL categories and verify which is used in a security policy. Untrust to untrust zone? There's more to NAT than meets the eye, especially considering the 'zone' factor. More about the pre-logon mode in GlobalProtect. The March issue of the LiveWire newsletter is here, lighting the way to your very own Live Community t-shirt for Ignite.


What's this pre-logon mode in GlobalProtect exactly?

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We already discussed on-demand and user-logon modes in GlobalProtect. So what exactly is pre-logon mode and why would you need it?


I'm gonna make him a NAT rule he can't refuse

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 Most of the time, your NAT rules will be pretty simple, there's going to be a trust to untrust so your users can go out and surf the web, and then there's the untrust to untrust so your webserver is accessible to the outside.


DotW: URL Categories - match different categories

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This week's discussion of the week talks about what happens when a single URL returns more than one URL category and how to verify which one is used in a security policy.



LiveWeek 10:2017

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March Madness is in full swing - use Custom App-ID to manage it.  Go beyond default response pages.  Set up your log forwarding like a pro!  Learn about GlobalProtect on-demand and get more security with GlobalProtect in user-logon mode.  Step by step demo on how to configure the Panorama access domain to limit administrative access.  Threats and Dynamic Updates for U. 


Azure to PAN VPN (A is for...)

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Do you want to know more about Microsoft Azure and how to configure a VPN to a Palo Alto Networks firewall? If so, please click to read all about it.



There's a key?!

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Every door has a key. Did you know your firewall has one too?


Custom Response Pages

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Don't want no dull or default response page? Find out how to make more dynamic and explanatory response pages!


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