LiveWeek 11:2017

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Detect and prevent malicious Disttrack activity. All the scoop and all the protection for Shamoon 2. Match different URL categories and verify which is used in a security policy. Untrust to untrust zone? There's more to NAT than meets the eye, especially considering the 'zone' factor. More about the pre-logon mode in GlobalProtect. The March issue of the LiveWire newsletter is here, lighting the way to your very own Live Community t-shirt for Ignite.


What's this pre-logon mode in GlobalProtect exactly?

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We already discussed on-demand and user-logon modes in GlobalProtect. So what exactly is pre-logon mode and why would you need it?


I'm gonna make him a NAT rule he can't refuse

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 Most of the time, your NAT rules will be pretty simple, there's going to be a trust to untrust so your users can go out and surf the web, and then there's the untrust to untrust so your webserver is accessible to the outside.


DotW: URL Categories - match different categories

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This week's discussion of the week talks about what happens when a single URL returns more than one URL category and how to verify which one is used in a security policy.



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