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LiveWeek 9:2017

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Use things to block stuff. Running into a wall trying to make sense of all the logging? Learn how to set up logging like a pro! Do you want GlobalProtect but still want full control over connecting and disconnecting? GlobalProtect on-demand is exactly what you want. As an administrator, you want to control those naughty users and make sure they follow company policy at all times. Let GlobalProtect with user-logon take care of that for you! T is for Threats and U is for Updates and this is all 4 U!


Make more sense using filtered log forwarding

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Are you running into a wall when trying to make sense of all the logging? Don't be that guy and check out this article to find out how you can set up your log forwarding like a pro!


Blocking stuff with things

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If you need to block a certain type of application but are not sure how, there may be an interesting trick you haven't considered yet.


LiveWeek 8:2017

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Check out our closed captioned video and Harden Your Configuration while watching...or reading along! A user new to Palo Alto Networks needs to migrate the configuration from a Cisco ASA firewall to Palo Alto Networks. Migrating a configuration can be tricky if you have more than a few rules. If you have copious rules, and thousands of objects, groups, and IP addresses, you'll want to abandon the manual mission and use our tool instead.


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