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Did You Know About Tips & Tricks?

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There's a bunch of useful information out there, including info about different features of our products. Check out the latest resource lists in our Tips & Tricks articles.


NEW Cortex XDR Digital Learning Course Available Now!

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Are you aware of the FREE Online Digital Learning courses that we have available? Learn about it and the Cortex XDR training that is available here.

Graphic of Cortex XDR training EDU-160


Urgent URL Changes Required for Traps Management Service

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As part of infrastructure changes made to the Traps management service, we have begun migrating URLs used by Traps agents to communicate with Traps management service in the cloud. Some customers may need to adjust firewall policies to allow outbound traffic to the correct regional Traps instances.


Fuel User Group - Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter Meetings in Plano and Fort Worth

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The Fuel User Group is an active group of cybersecurity experts who meet on a regular basis to network and to learn. Read all about the upcoming meetings in North Dallas on April 25, 2019 and Fort Worth on May 8, 2019.



User-ID - Why and How

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Knowing what applications are being used and what files are being transmitted on your network can strengthen security policies and reduce incident response times. Find out why using the User-ID feature on your Palo Alto Networks device is a great idea!


Take a look at the new features introduced in April for Cortex XDR - Investigation and Response.


Traps Updates for April - TMS and Traps Agent

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Learn what new features have been added to Traps agent and Traps management service for April. 

PAN graphic stating Traps Updates for April - MS and Traps Agent


App-IDs for April 2019

by Community Manager ‎04-07-2019 11:00 PM - edited ‎04-08-2019 01:21 PM (652 Views)

Palo Alto Networks releases new App-IDs every third Tuesday of the month. Take a look and decide if you need to update your security policies. 


Changes to Traps Role and Access Controls

by dmilrad on ‎04-05-2019 01:49 PM - last edited on ‎04-16-2019 11:33 AM by (205 Views)

Take a look at the changes that have been implemented on how and where you create, define, and manage roles. 


BPA Adventure: Anti-Spyware and DNS Sinkhole

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Like any good security engineer, I have my own PA-220 at home and I was (smugly) wondering how well I would score on a Best Practice Assessment (BPA). The results were...interesting.


Search Operator Enhancement for Traps ESM (Endpoint Security Manager) v4.2.4

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Check out the new Search Operator Enhancement for Traps ESM.


traps esm.jpg



New Instructor-Led PAN-OS 9.0 Courses Now Available

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The Palo Alto Networks Education team is pleased to announce the release of new instructor-led PAN-OS 9.0 courses. 

Graphic Banner PAN-OS 9.0. Palo Alto Networks Education


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