LiveWeek 28 Apr 2017

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Fighting vs filtering it out, and a robust recommendation for application filtering. Check out Duo MFA (multi-factor authentication) for trusted access with SSO. Secure the citadel and protect against Shamoon2 and a variant of the IoT/Linux botnet, Tsunami, which we named Amnesia. April LiveWire has arrived! Globetrot with us in 'low cost' digs just in time for Ignite. Discussions, tips & tricks, videos and more. All here in your Live Community.


Tutorial: GlobalProtect Client Certificate Authentication (C is for...)

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Do you use GlobalProtect? Do you want to set up Client Certificate Authentication? 

If so, then you are in luck.  With the latest Video Tutorial, you will see what is needed to get this up and running.


Cert Configurations for GlobalProtect

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Ever wondered what solution is best for you ? Do you get lost on all the different certificate options you have in GlobalProtect ? Check out this article which explains all the different certificate options in a nutshell!


What are the recommended applications for internet access?

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Last week I was asked by several people what the recommended applications are to allow out to the internet, check out how I solved their conundrum.


Fight ... errr ... Filter it out!

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Ever felt like you’re missing out on something super nifty but can’t put your finger on it ? Check out this blog to see if you missed something!


Announcing the Live Community Sentinel Program

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It is time to recognize our users!  The Live Community team is very excited to announce the roll out of the Live Community Sentinel program to recognize and reward our most valuable contributors.


Video Tutorial: Duo Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) (D is for...)

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This video tutorial shows how to integrate Duo multi-factor authentication to the Palo Alto Networks v8.0+ firewall in an authentication policy for the purposes of Captive Portal or an authentication step-up.


Live Community team at Spark User Summit London

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The Live Community team presented a small segment on best practices at the Spark User Summit event in London. Fnd a link to all the source materials, additional information, tutorial videos and more!


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