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Ignite '18 Wrap Part 3 - Answer the Orphaned Questions and Bag Some Swag – Last Chance!

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The last of the unanswered questions from Ignite '18. 

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LiveWeek 27 July 2018

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Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 1.53.27 AM.png

The release plan for App-ID rollout in August: July – set up placeholders; August – rollout. Ready? The July prep and August rollout is important for our customers. Not our customer yet? Join our discussion, check our blog, do the needful and reap the rewards.

Ever wonder where your log space is?


The latest enhancements for Traps Agent software include reverse shell protection for Linux and an improved installation for Android.


DUO multi-factor authentication (MFA) blog and video.


LiveCommunity YouTube turns half a million heads in our direction! Follow us on Twitter, too!


LiveWeek 20 Jul 2018

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Are you our customer? If so, access the July App-ID list, set up placeholders, and follow the release plan for the August 21 rollout of AirWatch, SharePoint-Online and GlobalProtect MFA. Check our FAQs for customer impact. New Traps Agent updates provide the latest enhancements, including reverse shell protection for Linux and improvements for Traps for Android. Configure URL admin override for credential filter detection - warn users  but don't block them outright - there's a splash page and a guest article for that. Get Reaper's autograph now! Our YouTube channel hits half a million views! Follow us on Twitter.


AirWatch, SharePoint-Online and GlobalProtect MFA notification New App-IDs

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With the Application and Threat Content Release of July 17, we have a plan put in place for AirWatch and SharePoint-Online App-IDs, read more about it here:


New Traps Agent Updates for July

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The latest updates and enhancements for Traps Agent software.



YouTube at 500K views!

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Reaching the 500K milestone is quite an achievement! Join us in celebrating our success!


Reaper the Rockstar!

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The Northern Ohio chapter of Fuel User Group has an eye for rockstars, too! Our very own Reaper, ace Solutions Engineer and now administrator of the Live Community, Tom Piens, receives a special callout from our user-group community in Cleveland, Ohio. You do us proud, Reaper!


Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 8.48.19 AM.png


LiveWeek 13 Jul 2018

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RDP access to Citrix via GlobalProtect clientless VPN - how cool is that? ESM + PAN-OS = syslog messages for user mappings. Selective access to YouTube videos. Is the anti-virus block page teetering on the fence? Understanding inconsistent results when testing a virus download. The July App-ID roster is here -- see which new apps help secure your cyberworld. On our way to half a million views on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter. 


Jul-Aug App-ID: AirWatch and SharePoint apps

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Exciting new applications from July, like AirWatch and SharePoint App-IDs, roll out in August. Ready?


LiveWeek 6 Jul 2018

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Reading authentication logs from Samba as Domain Controller using Syslog Parse -- tips from our partner in Brazil. Log forwarding and log quota management on the Cloud Services Portal. Low disk space on the management plane? Use a debug command to clean up old logs. GlobalProtect App 5.0 Beta for iOS 12. A word about paloalto-logging-service Logging Service App-ID. The World Cup and our App-ID -- definitely a match worth watching! Over 120 videos, 5000+ subscribers, and nearly half a million views make our YouTube channel a hot summer thing! Follow us on Twitter, too!


New Cloud Services features - Log Forwarding and Log Quota Management

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Joe takes a minute to tell us about 2 new Cloud Services features - Syslog Forwarding and Log Quota Management.

Click to read more about these features.




There's a debug command that can help you clean up old logs automatically

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There's a debug command that can help automatically clean up old debug log files, in case you didn't know. It may be worth checking out if you've had issues with low disk space on the management plane in the past.


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