LiveWeek 29 Sep 2017

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Customer support changes coming your way: home page, portal, wizard, and where's my profile and log-in? Read all about it before the October change. New URL filtering category refines malware.  GlobalProtect cloud service and more, like activating and installing logging, and changes in macOS affecting GlobalProtect connections. Pan(w)achrome makes life easier--our video shows how. Big up for ransomware prevention. Create a firewall using Azure PowerShell. Transum with WireShark. Reaper turns 500!


QuickTip: Changes in iOS 11 or Mac OS X 10.13 affecting GlobalProtect connections

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If you plan on using iOS 11 or macOS X 10.13 to connect with GlobalProtect, then you will want to know about this, as it could save some headaches.



New URL Filtering category - Command-and-Control (C2)

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A new category in URL filtering, command-and-control, helps break out specifics from the malware category. Get ready for the debut of this new category coming soon. In the interim, we entertain your questions.



Ransomware: Upping the Ante

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Attackers have traditionally profited by stealing identities or credit card numbers, then selling them on underground markets. Now cyber attackers are on the hunt for new ways to make a profit. Don't let them profit at your expense.


GlobalProtect Cloud Service Announcement

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Have you heard about GlobalProtect Cloud Service yet? If not, then this is the best place to learn all about this great new service from Palo Alto Networks.



LiveWeek 22 Sep 2017

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New capabilities in Traps 4.1 monitor ransomware behavior and upon detection, shut down an attack and block new exploit techniques. Palo Alto Networks has created applications to identify Tor connections and block Tor application traffic on your network. Malware vs exploits --the differences between the two attack vectors to an endpoint and how each attack, if successful, is used to compromise an endpoint. Visit our YouTube channel for this and other points of clarification. Follow us on Twitter. Learn, share, and connect in the Live Community.


Get more GUI functionality using Pan(w)achrome!

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Pan(w)achrome is a free Google Chrome extension developed to provide some CLI based commands through the GUI.



Traps 4.1 - Expanded protection against ransomware

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Traps 4.1. continues to develop our innovative, multi-method prevention approach to endpoint security with a specific focus on preventing ransomware.


LiveWeek 15 Sep 2017

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That guy in finance again -- got a report due today but didn't update his records after using some contractor's custom app 3 weeks ago and this is somehow your problem?!  Yes, and we help you solve it! The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), a US federal law, addresses internet safety in schools and libraries. As most search engines can serve up content encrypted over SSL, enforcing CIPA becomes even more challenging, and Palo Alto Networks steps up. 


Searching through logs, where do I start?

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You have hundreds of millions of bytes worth of logfiles, but how can you find that single instance where Greg from finance used some contractor's custom application to connect to his database machine in the DMZ three weeks ago and failed to update his records, and now he has a report due today and you need to fix his connection ASAP?


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