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LiveWeek 15 Sep 2017

by ‎09-15-2017 01:37 PM - edited ‎09-18-2017 03:15 PM (3,009 Views)

That guy in finance again -- got a report due today but didn't update his records after using some contractor's custom app 3 weeks ago and this is somehow your problem?!  Yes, and we help you solve it! The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), a US federal law, addresses internet safety in schools and libraries. As most search engines can serve up content encrypted over SSL, enforcing CIPA becomes even more challenging, and Palo Alto Networks steps up. 


Searching through logs, where do I start?

by ‎09-11-2017 05:45 AM - edited ‎10-11-2017 09:21 AM (5,379 Views)

You have hundreds of millions of bytes worth of logfiles, but how can you find that single instance where Greg from finance used some contractor's custom application to connect to his database machine in the DMZ three weeks ago and failed to update his records, and now he has a report due today and you need to fix his connection ASAP?


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