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New Features Recap: Aperture, PAN-DB 2.0, WildFire 2.0.10 and Traps Management Service

by on ‎01-10-2019 05:05 PM - last edited on ‎01-29-2019 01:34 PM by (845 Views)

Catch up on the latest new features for Aperture, PAN-DB 2.0, WildFire 2.0.10 and Traps Management Service.

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Wall's Week - December 19th, 2018

by kwall00 on ‎12-19-2018 09:39 PM - last edited on ‎12-26-2018 07:55 AM by (733 Views)

In this Wall's Week, explore the details of a new technical certificate (PCCSA), the new Unit42 Threat Intelligence Portal, an App and Content Update, and much more. You'll even find few useful tips for Wireshark and GlobalProtect Users. 



Aperture R40 New Features – Azure AD Group Based Scanning

by on ‎12-19-2018 01:43 PM - last edited on ‎03-08-2019 02:28 PM by (756 Views)

Aperture R40 introduces the new Azure AD (Active Directory) Group Based Scanning. Click to get more information.



Wall's Week - November 26th, 2018

by kwall00 on ‎11-26-2018 02:54 PM - last edited on ‎12-13-2018 10:05 AM by (2,903 Views)

In this Wall’s Week, we explore helpful instructions for MineMeld, information on the Self-Service BPA, and some details on the new Aperture enhancements. Also, learn helpful TIPs on DNS Proxy, Data Filtering Logs, and Different User Credential Detection Methods.


New Aperture Trial Feature

by on ‎11-12-2018 03:10 PM - last edited on ‎02-28-2019 02:40 PM by (4,494 Views)

Explore more with a newly introduced Aperture Trial feature by Palo Alto Networks. Learn more about the Aperture Trial here.Aperture Trial Banner


Wall's Week - November 9th, 2018

by kwall00 on ‎11-09-2018 06:18 AM - last edited on ‎12-13-2018 11:03 AM by (3,655 Views)


Read about new Aperture enhancements, new Evident features, Traps TMS October, and useful tips for Palo Alto Networks products and features, including QUIC Protocol, Templates and Resources, and Setting Up SSH.



Konnichiwa Aperture!

by pwatkins ‎01-19-2018 08:57 AM - edited ‎01-22-2018 01:10 PM (11,736 Views)

Now one easy switch lets you customize the display languages in Aperture to view navigation options, dialogs, menus, forms, error reporting, text headings, and JavaScript static texts in your preferred language.


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