The AutoFocus February 2019 release is now available

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The AutoFocus February 2019 release is now available for all customers. Check out the latest What's New Guide for release details.


PCNSE Video Series: Firewall Integration with AutoFocus

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Firewall integration with AutoFocus is a must-know for the PCNSE certification exam. Learn more with Mitch Densley in this short video. Your journey to the PCNSE certification starts on Live Community!

PCNSE Certification Banner.jpg


DarkHydrus Adds Google Drive Support to Its RogueRobin Trojan for C2 Communications!

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The APT-group DarkHydrus has been busy with a new variant of the RogueRobin Trojan. See what it's about and how to stay protected!




When Scripts Attacks, WildFire Protects

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Cyberattackers look for fast and easy ways to steal your data. Among many techniques in their playbooks, using scripts is a quickly growing trend. Why? It requires minimum human intervention, automates manual steps, and gets them to their malicious goals faster.


AutoFocus November 2018 New Features

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The AutoFocus November 2018 release is now available for all customers. Check out what's new for release details!




OilRig Uses Updated BONDUPDATER to Target Middle Eastern Government

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The OilRig group has been active since at least mid-2016 and continues their attack campaigns throughout the Middle East, targeting both governmental agencies and businesses on an almost routine basis. Check out this blog to read more about it and find out how Palo Alto Networks protects you!


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