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New Templates on VM-Series in Public Cloud Resource Pages

by on ‎03-21-2019 01:21 PM - last edited on ‎03-27-2019 03:24 AM by (294 Views)

See what’s new on the VM-Series in Public Cloud resource pages. Check out the new bootstrapping videos, reference architecture and deployment guides, and new templates and tools.


New Features in GlobalProtect Cloud Service 1.3.1

by Community Manager on ‎03-18-2019 01:41 PM - last edited on ‎03-27-2019 03:10 PM by (827 Views)

GlobalProtect Cloud Service 1.3.1 has been released and comes with several new features.


Deploy the VM-Series Firewall on Alibaba Cloud

by on ‎03-14-2019 10:37 AM - last edited on ‎03-27-2019 02:51 PM by (379 Views)

Deploying the VM-Series firewall on Alibaba Cloud protects networks you create within Alibaba Cloud. In this release, you can deploy VM-Series firewalls to protect internet-facing applications and hybrid cloud deployments.


Using Azure Information Protection Policies to Control Document Flow at the Firewall

by Community Manager on ‎03-07-2019 12:23 AM - last edited on ‎03-08-2019 02:37 PM by (880 Views)

Data security is increasingly important as organizations seek solutions to meet GDPR and other compliance standards. What are the challenges?


The AutoFocus February 2019 Release is Now Available

by Community Manager on ‎02-21-2019 03:27 AM - last edited on ‎02-28-2019 03:08 PM by (424 Views)

The AutoFocus February 2019 release is now available for all customers. Check out the latest What's New Guide for release details.


New VM-Series in Public Cloud Resource Pages

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New and experienced users can search our new Cloud resource pages to find the answers you need about AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.


Log Forwarding for the Cloud Logging Service

by Community Manager on ‎01-24-2019 06:53 AM - last edited on ‎02-07-2019 11:40 AM by (1,257 Views)

Configure the Log Forwarding app to send notifications to an email destination whenever critical issues occur on your network.


New Aperture Trial Feature

by on ‎11-12-2018 03:10 PM - last edited on ‎02-28-2019 02:40 PM by (4,494 Views)

Explore more with a newly introduced Aperture Trial feature by Palo Alto Networks. Learn more about the Aperture Trial here.Aperture Trial Banner


Sizing Storage Using the Logging Service Calculator

by on ‎09-26-2018 12:39 AM - last edited on ‎12-28-2018 01:32 PM by (8,870 Views)

When purchasing Palo Alto Networks devices or services, log storage is an important consideration. Check out this blog to learn how to potentially cover storage sizing with the Logging Service and find an actual calculator tool you can use! 


Event Report: Your Move to the Cloud Secured Event

by on ‎09-24-2018 12:15 PM - last edited on ‎12-14-2018 06:54 AM by (5,734 Views)

If you want to be more informed on how to best secure your data in the cloud, then please read more about this event.

Cloud Secured event.png


New Traps 4.2 Endpoint Security Manager (ESM)

by ‎06-26-2018 03:22 PM - edited ‎07-07-2018 07:19 AM (6,245 Views)

With the latest release of Traps 4.2, Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) introduces new features to align to the Cloud solution, including support for Linux Endpoints. 

traps 4.2.png


Unsanctioned Device Access Control and You

by ‎05-22-2018 01:34 AM - edited ‎05-23-2018 03:56 AM (9,015 Views)

Dealing with cloud applications can be a pain, especially if you are dealing with unsanctioned devices. Click to read more.


What is the Cloud Services Portal?

by on ‎03-29-2018 03:27 PM - last edited on ‎03-11-2019 11:09 AM by (17,061 Views)

If you wonder what the Cloud Services Portal page is and what you can do with it, then click to read more info.



Epic Cloud Security Event and Dallas Fuel Spark Event

by ‎02-08-2018 02:21 PM - edited ‎02-09-2018 11:38 AM (5,898 Views)

Joe attended the Dallas Fuel Spark event and Epic Cloud Security Event streaming party. View photos and read about the events that drew 100+ user group members and cloud enthusiasts to the airplane museum in Addison, Texas. 




Magnifier, Cloud Services Portal, and Logging Service documentation

by ssarette on ‎02-07-2018 11:33 PM - last edited on ‎02-07-2018 11:36 PM by (9,571 Views)

Check out brand-new content on the Cloud Services Documentation page, expanded to support the growing cloud documentation set here at Palo Alto Networks. Find information about Magnifier, cloud services, and the logging service. Stay tuned as new titles are added.


Magnifier Behavioral Analytics

by ‎02-01-2018 02:52 AM - edited ‎04-13-2018 05:36 AM (13,390 Views)

Use Magnifier to find and stop the stealthiest network threats. Block attacks before the damage is done. Analyze rich network, endpoint and cloud data with machine learning. Identify targeted attacks, malicious insiders and malware. Compare Magnifier with AutoFocus.


New Cloud Service offerings! Part 3 of 3 - Panorama in AWS

by ‎01-25-2018 03:00 PM - edited ‎02-22-2018 04:05 AM (8,771 Views)

Last part of our New Cloud service offerings discusses Panorama in AWS. Click to read more and watch the video.

New Cloud Panorama.jpg


Epic Cloud Security Event Livestream Viewing Party Locations

by ‎01-23-2018 12:21 PM - edited ‎01-24-2018 02:46 PM (3,526 Views)

Do you want to watch the Epic Cloud Security Event, but prefer to be with others you can interact with at the same time? Good news! We have 10 locations across the US and Canada for you to attend an exclusive livestream viewing party. 



Join Us February 6 for the Epic Cloud Security Event!

by on ‎01-19-2018 10:47 AM - last edited on ‎01-23-2018 10:01 AM by (5,210 Views)

How do you get alignment across IT to achieve the perfect balance of agility and protectionHear real-world success stories from cloud pioneers and global organizations in a candid, fast-paced and enlightening cloud conversation.





New Cloud Service offerings! Part 2 of 3 - GlobalProtect Cloud Service

by ‎01-18-2018 01:29 PM - edited ‎02-22-2018 04:03 AM (7,584 Views)

Want to learn all about GlobalProtect Cloud Service? Then look no further -- all the details, including a video, are right here. 




New Live Community Features - June 28, 2017

by ‎06-28-2017 02:26 PM - edited ‎06-29-2017 08:10 AM (8,697 Views)

Want to know about all the new features on the Live Community site? Click to see what Joe has to say about new features of the Live Community.


Azure to PAN VPN (A is for...)

by ‎03-15-2017 11:36 AM - edited ‎05-11-2017 07:27 AM (14,687 Views)

Do you want to know more about Microsoft Azure and how to configure a VPN to a Palo Alto Networks firewall? If so, please click to read all about it.



Introducing Aperture

by on ‎09-18-2015 04:21 PM - last edited on ‎05-09-2017 06:14 PM by (11,043 Views)

Safely enable SaaS applications using Aperture.


Pre-Ignite Q&A: Amazon Web Services and the VM-Series

by EmmaF on ‎03-23-2015 12:16 PM - last edited on ‎05-09-2017 05:29 PM by (5,582 Views)

Learn more about this presentation at Ignite and join the discussion. What is most fascinating about this topic?The most fascinating thing about the VM-Series in AWS is the ability for a customer to secure the public cloud with the same next generation features they have come to rely on in their private...


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