Keep the Ball in Your Court

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Manage the madness -- keep the ball in your court and control the clock. Only seconds in play as the NCAA tournaments launch another exciting year -- all fun and games while you get to referee.


Safe Search Best Practices with Palo Alto Networks

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If you want to learn about best practices for using Safe Search and Palo Alto Networks, then enter the classroom of this blog. See how a transparent, alternative, and hybrid solution can help you achieve your goals with safe search. Click to learn more.




DotW: Autolock

by Community Manager ‎12-06-2017 05:15 AM - edited ‎12-06-2017 08:26 AM (15,365 Views)

Several admins making changes at the same time can result in half-completed adjustments getting committed to an active device. This happens more than you might expect, but there is a solution!


What a difference a Deny makes

by Community Manager ‎11-27-2017 05:36 AM - edited ‎11-28-2017 07:42 AM (24,460 Views)

Some configuration choices may seem benign but could have unexpected repercussions. This includes which action to choose when defining a security policy.


Moving rules in the rulebase has never been easier

by Community Manager ‎10-31-2017 07:35 AM - edited ‎12-14-2017 12:52 PM (11,972 Views)

You've created a new rule but it ended up at the end of your rulebase, you haven't had coffee yet and there's someone standing at your desk because this is mission critical and urgent. How can the rule be moved into its designated spot quickly so you can go get a coffee?




More details added to content updates!

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Starting with content update 744, we now show more details! Click to read more!


Traps 4.1.1 better for macOS High Sierra, Microsoft Outlook and Windows

by ‎10-19-2017 12:25 PM - edited ‎10-31-2017 12:29 AM (5,161 Views)

Hear ye hear ye, Traps 4.1.1 has been announced. If you use Traps 4.1, then you will want to read all about the new fixes that have been included. Click to read more.



New URL Filtering category - Command-and-Control (C2)

by neg273 on ‎09-27-2017 01:14 PM - last edited on ‎10-24-2017 09:34 AM by (11,382 Views)

A new category in URL filtering, command-and-control, helps break out specifics from the malware category. Get ready for the debut of this new category coming soon. In the interim, we entertain your questions.



Get more GUI functionality using Pan(w)achrome!

by ‎09-21-2017 02:53 AM - edited ‎10-09-2017 12:44 AM (23,125 Views)

Pan(w)achrome is a free Google Chrome extension developed to provide some CLI based commands through the GUI.



Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Aperture

by on ‎08-17-2017 04:21 PM - last edited on ‎08-18-2017 02:06 AM by (6,357 Views)

To further strengthen your security posture, Aperture will support multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all administrator log-ins starting Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time. You will then be able to add an additional layer of security by enabling MFA for all administrators.


Generating Certificates from CSR for Decryption

by ‎08-10-2017 06:20 AM - edited ‎10-26-2017 10:29 AM (12,463 Views)

Learn how to leverage enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to generate SSL decryption certificates. Use the firewall to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and have an AD Certificate Authority (CA) issue a Sub-CA certificate for trusted SSL decryption.


How to bypass SSL decryption for an application

by Community Manager ‎08-09-2017 11:31 AM - edited ‎08-09-2017 11:36 AM (25,157 Views)

Sometimes you need to get creative to make your customers happy. This contribution by a community member drew my attention and could be useful to administrators trying to find a solution to the same question.


Tutorial: How to enable/disable/clone rules!

by ‎07-17-2017 09:06 AM - edited ‎07-24-2017 12:16 PM (10,602 Views)

Simple yet powerful tools to play with on the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. Check out this tutorial to learn all about disabling/enabling and cloning rules!



#GetAnswers from Ignite Q&A | reaper

by Community Manager ‎07-11-2017 04:39 AM - edited ‎07-27-2017 01:15 PM (26,298 Views)

Ignite brought many different questions posted on the wall of #GetAnswers. We already selected the 'best of' but wanted to share all of them for your information and entertainment. Got questions? #GetAnswers here.


#GetAnswers from Ignite Q&A | jdelio

by ‎07-10-2017 03:30 PM - edited ‎07-27-2017 01:12 PM (10,335 Views)

Miss out on the excitement at the Live Community booth at Ignite? Read some of the questions and answers posted in the booth. Topics include configuration and management, GlobalProtect, the Migration Tool, Panorama, SaaS, Traps, User-ID, and VPN. Got questions? #GetAnswers here.


Tips & Tricks: Filtering the security policy

by Community Manager ‎06-26-2017 07:27 AM - edited ‎11-25-2018 03:02 PM (55,110 Views)

When 'wrangling' a lengthy security policy becomes a chore, some filtering may make your life a little easier.



Ignite '17 edition, Reaper's favorites Part 2

by Community Manager ‎06-22-2017 11:16 AM - edited ‎06-22-2017 02:49 PM (11,126 Views)

Part 2 of the questions from the #GetAnswers wall at Ignite: Wildcard search in Traffic Monitor. Pre or post policy with Panorama? Base version when upgrading the firewall, and syncing downloads across an HA pair. App-ID or service/standard ports with traffic? Best method to intro span VLANs. 


Ignite '17 edition, Kiwi's favorites Part 1

by ‎06-20-2017 08:17 AM - edited ‎06-21-2017 05:52 AM (9,731 Views)

Questions, directly from Ignite. A few of my personal favorites: What's the recommended naming scheme? Can I change severity of logs? When will WildFire be able to analyse other file types?


Ignite '17 edition, Reaper's favorites Part 1

by Community Manager ‎06-19-2017 04:17 AM - edited ‎06-22-2017 06:59 PM (12,441 Views)

Questions from the #GetAnswers wall at Ignite. A few favorites: What is a User-ID? Why can't we do an object with IP range? How does NAT work with VWire? Best practice for User-ID for Mac OS-X. Can WF-500 private cloud scan the same file types as the public cloud? 


What's a TAP interface and what can it do?

by Community Manager ‎06-07-2017 08:13 AM - edited ‎06-09-2017 04:23 AM (16,599 Views)

Some interface modes are very straightforward while others can be a little more complex. The TAP interface can bring a wealth of information without interference.


DotW: To disable or not to disable, that is the question.

by Community Manager ‎05-31-2017 05:12 AM - edited ‎06-02-2017 08:09 AM (9,338 Views)

You may have noticed the option to disable new applications in the scheduled content updates, but why would you want to enable this option?


DotW: URL filtering with PAN-OS 8.0

by ‎05-22-2017 03:51 PM - edited ‎05-23-2017 03:30 AM (9,391 Views)

If you are new to PAN-OS 8.0 and have started using URL filtering, consider this a mini FAQ to clarify new features or default settings for PAN-OS 8.0 URL filtering.


Pulling reports using the XML API

by Community Manager ‎05-17-2017 03:20 AM - edited ‎05-17-2017 09:57 AM (21,256 Views)

Scripting makes the admin's task a lot easier, reports tell the admin what's up and how things are going. The logical next step is to retrieve reports using XML API.


TCP MSS adjustments

by ‎05-16-2017 05:11 AM - edited ‎05-17-2017 09:25 AM (6,690 Views)

Are you using custom applications that require greater overhead or do you need to improve performance for IPSec traffic? TCP MSS adjustment might be just what you need!


Tips & Tricks: GlobalProtect IPv6 Troubleshooting (T is for...)

by ‎05-09-2017 02:59 PM - edited ‎05-11-2017 09:54 AM (6,080 Views)

This week's Tips & Tricks is all about GlobalProtect IPv6 Troubleshooting.


High Loads on Management CPU

by ‎05-08-2017 05:04 AM - edited ‎05-15-2017 08:57 AM (30,336 Views)

Seeing a high load on management CPU is not entirely uncommon. Certain processes can cause a spike in CPU.  Still feeling uncomfortable with these spikes? Then there are a few tips and tricks to help reduce the load.


Why is this commit not working?

by ‎02-01-2017 07:47 AM - edited ‎09-14-2017 07:11 AM (24,199 Views)

Ever felt confused as to why your latest change isn't being committed properly ? Read Kiwi's latest blog to learn all about where to look during commit issues, how to start debugging, useful links, and so on.


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