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What is App-ID?

by on ‎03-19-2015 10:29 AM (5,782 Views)

Sure you have heard of App-ID, but what is it? How does it work and how can you best use this amazing technology only available in Palo Alto Networks firewalls?App-ID, a patented traffic classification system, determines what the application is irrespective of port, protocol, encryption (SSH or SSL) ... Read more...

What is SSL Decryption?

by on ‎03-13-2015 12:43 PM (2,891 Views)

Have you heard of SSL Decryption? Seems like SSL, also referred to as HTTPS, is a buzz word as of late.SSL is a growing category of network traffic that delivers private and secure communications.However, it can also be used inappropriately to hide application usage, transfer data to unauthorized parties... Read more...

Organize Your Rulebase with Color Coded Tags

by on ‎03-06-2015 08:17 AM (1,242 Views)

Have you ever wanted to spruce up your Security Policy Rulebase with color? Starting with PAN-OS 6.0, a new feature to Color Code Tags has been introduced.This new feature really can liven up your Rulebase, making it much easier to read and verify your rules.Here is an example of a Rulebase with no ... Read more...

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