– Malware or not?

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With the sheer amount of malware in the wild, it is hard to know what is real malware and what is not. 

Read about and see why it may -- or may not -- be considered malware.



LiveWeek 3 Nov 2017

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Rules, rules, rules! Schedule rules on a daily or weekly basis - yes, you can! Your new rule is at the bottom of your rule base, now what? (It's all Paul's fault, but the fix is on you! We got your back on this one.) Halloween has come and gone, but the treat of a Live Community hoodie for the best hack, pic, video, or spoof lives on! You just gotta play to win!  What has 3435 subscribers and 262,451 views? Yes, our very own YouTube channel. Get the best seat in the house, grab the popcorn, settle in, and bring your questions right here, to your Live Community.


Moving rules in the rulebase has never been easier

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You've created a new rule but it ended up at the end of your rulebase, you haven't had coffee yet and there's someone standing at your desk because this is mission critical and urgent. How can the rule be moved into its designated spot quickly so you can go get a coffee?




Scheduled Policies!

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Policies on a schedule! One of those features that deserves more attention if you ask me! Read this blog if you want to know what it's all about!







LiveWeek 27 Oct 2017

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Trick or Treat and thus saith the Reaper on your Halloween challenge. Live limited edition hoodies are at stake -- a cinch with your unleashed hacking skills! New URL filtering category goes live! Watch out for Bad Rabbit ransomware and unauthorized coin mining in the browser -- bad news buddies. The good news is that we now show more details in our content updates. See for yourself. While you're at it, check out our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter. Share. Learn. Connect. All here in your Live Community.


Azure and AWS: Higher altitude -- less drag

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If you are using any part of Microsoft Azure or AWS (Amazon Web Services), then you may want to take a second to read about 3 new articles that have just been added to Live. Each article offers time-saving tips and expert insight -- higher altitude for these cloud services -- less drag.



Ransomware Alert! Bad Rabbit

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Ransomware is showing up more frequently. Something we never want to have to deal with. If you want to make sure you are protected when using Palo Alto Network devices, then click to steer clear of the Bad Rabbit.




Unauthorized Coin Mining in the Browser

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The popularity of CryptoCurrency is on the rise. Mining is more difficult, requiring data centers of dedicated servers to turn a profit. A new mining technique uses the combined computing power of thousands of endpoints that mine through a script run in the browser -- definite potential for abuse.


More details added to content updates!

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Starting with content update 744, we now show more details! Click to read more!


LiveWeek 20 Oct 2017

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Seek and ye shall find. Hear ye, hear ye, Traps 4.1.1 arrives! Build your skills with AWS and Azure: Leverage action-oriented log forwarding in Azure. Update your cloud formation deployment without relaunching your cloud. How to view lambda function logs in AWS. Certification festival (cert fest) in Santa Clara next month! 252,932 views of over 100 intriguing videos captivating 3347 subscribers on YouTube. Plus Twitter. Join us.


Traps 4.1.1 better for macOS High Sierra, Microsoft Outlook and Windows

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Hear ye hear ye, Traps 4.1.1 has been announced. If you use Traps 4.1, then you will want to read all about the new fixes that have been included. Click to read more.



Can't find what you're looking for?

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Here is some helpful information to help you find the documents that may have the information you need more easily!

Trick or Treat! Reaper's Halloween challenge

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All Hallows' Eve is upon us so it's a good time to have a little fun and challenge the community to do something creative.




Your opportunity to take the new PCNSE exam at our headquarters in Santa Clara!


LiveWeek 13 Oct 2017

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NEW command-and-control URL filtering category -- ready, Freddy? Protect ICS and SCADA networks with PAN-OS 8.0. What's your favorite firewall feature? Best practices for deploying content updates. Tech docs with 19 customer apps that use Aperture to address risks! Protect yourself against FreeMilk this National Cyber Security Awareness Month! What are 3296 happy subscribers watching on our YouTube channel? Follow us on Twitter, too!


Come meet the Live Community team at the Spark User Summit Frankfurt

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Fuel is organizing another Spark User Summit: an opportunity to hear exclusive updates and network with peers, partners and Palo Alto Networks employees, including members of the Live Community team!


Fuel up with other users! Join a local user group!

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Life is busy and it is very good to have a powerful online resource but sometimes, the opportunity to meet up and connect face-to-face with other users is one to seize. 


IMG_8408 copy.jpg

I had the opportunity to attend the Fuel user group meeting in San Francisco Thursday September 28 and it was worth it - insightful, allowing for connection with Palo Alto Networks local team members and users.


See what we talked about and see how meeting other users and community members face-to-face can benefit you, too!




Superior protection with PAN-OS 8.0!

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Interesting use cases related to using your Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall to secure your network even further! Find out about features you might not even know about! 


Craziest NGFW deployment with tips to share

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Our summer question asked where is the craziest place you've ever had to deploy the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. We loved globetrotting with you, and we laughed along the way.


LiveWeek 6 Oct 2017

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We welcome your feedback on the new Customer Support Portal (CSP), case creation wizard, and other changes to ease navigation and help you along your way. Intro to SAML as you've never experienced before! A thumbs up keeps our technical marketing engineer writing. Flow basic log elements, Transum with Wireshark, and using App-ID with Skype. An insider's view of Palo Alto Networks engineers. Making diversity a priority. YouTube and Twitter. All here in your Live Community.


Intro to SAML

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Authentication protocols like LDAP, Kerberos and RADIUS have been around since before the dot-com bubble. But there's a not-so-new kid in town, and it's called SAML. Great! But how does it work?


New Case Management page in Support Portal

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Just in case you are not aware, there are going to be some changes in the Customer Support Portal (CSP) taking place soon. Read all about the new Case Management page here.




LiveWeek 29 Sep 2017

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Customer support changes coming your way: home page, portal, wizard, and where's my profile and log-in? Read all about it before the October change. New URL filtering category refines malware.  GlobalProtect cloud service and more, like activating and installing logging, and changes in macOS affecting GlobalProtect connections. Pan(w)achrome makes life easier--our video shows how. Big up for ransomware prevention. Create a firewall using Azure PowerShell. Transum with WireShark. Reaper turns 500!


QuickTip: Changes in iOS 11 or Mac OS X 10.13 affecting GlobalProtect connections

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If you plan on using iOS 11 or macOS X 10.13 to connect with GlobalProtect, then you will want to know about this, as it could save some headaches.



New URL Filtering category - Command-and-Control (C2)

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A new category in URL filtering, command-and-control, helps break out specifics from the malware category. Get ready for the debut of this new category coming soon. In the interim, we entertain your questions.



Ransomware: Upping the Ante

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Attackers have traditionally profited by stealing identities or credit card numbers, then selling them on underground markets. Now cyber attackers are on the hunt for new ways to make a profit. Don't let them profit at your expense.


GlobalProtect Cloud Service Announcement

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Have you heard about GlobalProtect Cloud Service yet? If not, then this is the best place to learn all about this great new service from Palo Alto Networks.



LiveWeek 22 Sep 2017

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New capabilities in Traps 4.1 monitor ransomware behavior and upon detection, shut down an attack and block new exploit techniques. Palo Alto Networks has created applications to identify Tor connections and block Tor application traffic on your network. Malware vs exploits --the differences between the two attack vectors to an endpoint and how each attack, if successful, is used to compromise an endpoint. Visit our YouTube channel for this and other points of clarification. Follow us on Twitter. Learn, share, and connect in the Live Community.


Get more GUI functionality using Pan(w)achrome!

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Pan(w)achrome is a free Google Chrome extension developed to provide some CLI based commands through the GUI.



Traps 4.1 - Expanded protection against ransomware

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Traps 4.1. continues to develop our innovative, multi-method prevention approach to endpoint security with a specific focus on preventing ransomware.


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