Weekly Recap 49

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Want to block the entire Snapchat app, both text and pics? Community problem solving at its finest. Beginning with PAN-OS 7.0, more actions with threat signatures beyond allow, alert, and block. Yes, you can create traffic reports based on an application. PAN-DB URL filtering categories -- all of 'em. Learn to safely deploy Microsoft Office 365. OPSWAT support charts here. MineMeld. Your new community -- all yours.


Weekly Recap 48

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THREAT ALERT: Sweet32 targets information encrypted using older 64-bit block ciphers--we're one step ahead--always. Can you create traffic reports based on application filters? Yes, you can! Enable packet captures to troubleshoot daemons. How to get the User-ID agent version without being on the Windows server. All the latest for AWS and Azure. Safely deploy Microsoft Office 365. Get Minemeld. Get OPSWAT support charts. And please feed the poor, starving engineers! They can't thrive without you!


Weekly Recap 47

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AWS and Azure in the Live Community! Both the discussion forum and knowledge base beckon you, so indulge and engage. Learn more about virtualization and VM-Series firewalls here. Got logs? Need to clear them? We show you how. Can you use application filters to create traffic reports? Yes, you can! Packet capture assists with troubleshooting the management plane. Why the Live Community? Just ask the new guy. Y por fin, hablamos seis idiomas distintos para hablar de todo lo que le interesa. Síguenos!


Weekly Recap 46

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A workaround and solution for 'cannot commit!' due to the Threat Database Handler, in this week's Discussion of the Week and Tips & Tricks. Try your hand at advanced troubleshooting via packet captures. Disable new apps in content update--your choice. MineMeld. OPSWAT support charts, App-ID for Microsoft Office 365 and more. Discover the power of community--right here.


Weekly Recap 45

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How do you like the NEW community -- in your language? Find an amazing ally in GlobalProtect, offering a secure workaround for remote users requiring AD password changes, and capably enabling custom registry checks on Windows. For the firewall, let me fix that for you -- flow basic. Disable new apps in content update. Dataplane usage. OPSWAT support charts. App-ID and field support guide for safely deploying Microsoft Office 365. MineMeld and more -- all here -- in your NEW Live Community.


Weekly Recap 44

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Easier access -- in your language. Experience improved navigation and dynamic translation in the Live Community! Learn about a new option from PAN-OS 7.1 to 'disable new apps in content update' (with video). Manage dataplane usage. Safely deploy Microsoft Office 365. Get Minemeld. Get OPSWAT support charts. And, of course, PLEASE FEED THE ENGINEERS!


We're releasing some significant improvements to help you navigate the community and participate in more discussions, regardless of your language preference. These updates will get you to what you need faster and connect you with a global community of security experts to accelerate how you develop the most advanced threat prevention architecture possible.


Weekly Recap 43

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Safely deploy Microsoft Office 365 for the enterprise -- our field support guide shows how. Asymmetric routing and the firewall's TCP syn check. Securely process TCP flow with split- and simultaneous open handshake. Save vs Commit, and restoring a backup config. Explore ECMP - Equal Cost Multipath Routing. OPSWAT support charts for GlobalProtect, and MineMeld for super-savvy cybersecurity professionals. Tech Docs announces Traps 3.4.1. All here in the Live Community.


Weekly Recap 42

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How do you block web ads using an external dynamic list, or EDL, and get an 'Ad blocked' page? Check out our discussion to learn more. For editing a security rule, log at session start or end? Malware or exploits? Data filtering profiles with sample patterns for credit cards & Social Security numbers. See us for App-ID for Office 365, MineMeld, OPSWAT support charts, and AWS auto scaling for VM-Series firewalls.


Weekly Recap 41

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VM-Series for AWS auto scaling is innovation gone awesome. Network Address Translation (NAT) makes your hosts reachable from the outside - learn how! Best practices for managing weekly content releases. CLI 'show' command demystified. How to correct a PAN-DB URL categorization. MineMeld, App-ID for Office 365, OPSWAT support charts for GlobalProtect 3.1.0.  Malware vs exploits - what's the difference?


Weekly Recap 40

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Scripts and templates for AWS auto scaling in VM-Series firewalls! Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) or Port Address Translation (PAT). Optimizing your security policy. HIP configuration for patch management, App-ID for Office 365, MineMeld, and OPWATS support charts. What is a heap spray?


Weekly Recap 39

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Steer clear of ransomware with our guidelines and best practices. Firewall as PPPoE or DHCP client. Get the most from the Application Usage Report. More on GlobalProtect SSO for Windows, App-ID for Office 365, OPSWAT charts, and MineMeld. Christine briefs on Community Basics. Want a free Palo Alto Networks exam of your choice? Register now for Ignite 2017!


Weekly Recap 38

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Tips to get GlobalProtect SSO to work as expected on recent versions of Windows. Memory jog or refresher in 'I've unpacked my firewall, now what?' Upgrading PAN-OS, App-ID for Office 365, OPSWAT support charts, MineMeld, and Me too! You asked about the firewall as PPPOE or DHCP client — you got it! Come wield YOUR power in the community — see what you can do — and what we'll delightfully do for you!


Weekly Recap 37

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We're headed back to school with Tom's Getting Started series on the Palo Alto Networks firewall, and Joe starts a new series on best practices, with an inaugural article, Best Practices for PAN-OS Upgrade. The OPSWAT support charts are here, as well as our regular features, and MineMeld has us doing a little mining of our own. Check out all the latest in the Live Community.


Weekly Recap 36

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An update to App-ID for Microsoft Office 365.  Threat is on everybody's mind. All the features from this week.  In the community, Like it? series part 1.  Youtube and Twitter at your fingertips.



Weekly Recap 35

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The ABC of ACC.  Having a high MP CPU issue?  Follow 5 detailed to get the help you need.  A wealth of videos await you on YouTube, like the Global Find tutorial.  Review of the best discussions of the Summer.  The latest from our social media channels just for you. 


Week 34 Recap

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View third-party products detectable by GlobalProtect in the OPSWAT Support Chart. If you manage software updates for your Palo Alto Networks firewall, learn best practices for weekly content releases. New to the firewall? Learn basics through advanced here. Configure IPSec VPN. MineMeld is threat intel gone awesome. Register, learn, share here.


Week 33 Recap

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Manage the summer games in Rio with our custom App-ID. Threat intelligence gone awesome with MineMeld. Configure and troubleshoot IPSec VPN. Add to our interface deployment modes matrix. Make way for Traps 3.4. Disable local subnet access with GlobalProtect. It's all here, all free, with your community registration.


Week 32 Recap

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Our custom App-ID for the 2016 global games lets you control traffic and enforce policy. Be one of 7 lucky survey respondents to win a VM-100 virtual appliance. MineMeld delivers on simplified, open-source, threat intelligence. Learn about dynamic block lists, mixing TS-Agent with User-ID Agent, WildFire verdicts - both grayware and incorrect, Traps client policy on the endpoint, and more.


Week 31 Recap

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MineMeld intel is here. Learn about local subnets and tech support for GlobalProtect connections. A lengthy rulebase discovers the beauty of the tag browser. Add logic to AD naming schemes. Watch Tech Docs on our YouTube channel! Manage your subscriptions and notifications, sound off on our survey, register and do good!


Week 30 Recap

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MineMeld is ready for you in the Live Community! Share in the unveiling of this powerful tool and massive repository, discussions, and more. We present an in-depth exploration of threat intelligence by AutoFocus. Our regular lineup adds to the growing cache of tools and knowledge that empower you to prevent, protect, and secure. Power up here.


Week 29 Recap

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Featured updates and next in our series from endpoint security: ESM & Traps. Tips & Tricks: Tag browser. The perfect customer support case: How to submit a vulnerability signature report. SNMP counter monitoring, and the community contributes a discussion about HA not synchronizing after a commit from Panorama.


Week 28 Recap

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Restrict WebGUI access on an external public IP. Use global find to search for rules, objects, objects groups, profiles, threat IDs, and port numbers. Learn how to submit an anti-virus false positive. Check out SNMP counter monitoring. Finally, let's take a sneak peek at the friends and benefits you get by registering in the Live Community.


Week 27 Recap

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Authenticate a Palo Alto Networks firewall via Clearpass and RADIUS. Generate a tech support file from the GUI or CLI. Search across an entire configuration (global find). Configure U-Turn NAT. Check out our social scene and register for more...


Week 26 Recap

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A couple of recycled gems this week: Displaying the configuration in a friendly format (DotW), and PAN-OS 7.1 URL Filtering - Dynamic Block List - External Block List EDL (video). A detailed view of multi-level decoding and blocking and the step-by-step start of 'How to Open a Support Case.' Not registered for all this good stuff yet? What are you waiting for? Join us.


Week 25 Recap

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Help with the Migration Tool, optimizing your security policy, unexpected proxy ARP from NAT policy, and an FAQ about AutoFocus. If you're new to the Palo Alto Networks firewall, we take you from initial setup through a few advanced features. Step right this way.


Week 24 Recap

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Find the Universal Patch for the migration tool, MT 3.3.11 here. We give you video for optimizing your security policy, SNMP counter monitoring, and preparing the Palo Alto Networks firewall for its first use! Our members chime in to discuss IPSec tunnel status. Join forces with more than 30,000 other cybersecurity professionals — register for the Live Community today.


Week 23 Recap

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Are your security policies as effective and bulletproof as possible? Find out in Pro-Tips: How to Optimize Your Security Policies. Add an ounce or more of prevention with the new Threat Vault. See how the community helps a member with packet drops. Control purging of log data, view WildFire configuration, learn what to do with your brand new firewall, and, of course, register for more.


Week 22 Recap

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Open registration awaits you here in the Live Community, as does learning and sharing answers and support for your toughest security questions. We've got news on the new Threat Vault; we share info about HA Lite for dual ISPs for high availability; we show you about VSYS-specific routes and about configurable deny action (videos); and we walk you through ways to optimize security policies. Join us.


Week 21 Recap

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Open registration continues in the Live Community—join us! Find the CVE ID/number. Configure service routes for individual virtual systems. What to do with unidentified sessions—the video version. The first of a new series for you, Pro-Tips & Techniques, explores unknown applications. Two more Russian webinars. YouTube. Twitter. You want to be a part of this.