LiveWeek 9 Jun 2017

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Progress with EMR or Electronic Medical Records through Epic App-ID. What's a TAP interface and what can it do? Learn to configure source NAT on the PAN-OS GUI. LiveWire Special Ignite Edition is here! Tech Docs delivers a treasure trove. Can you escape the LabyREnth of Unit 42? Do try - save the cyberworld and win a whole lot of $$$$$ to boot. Watch us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and meet us at Ignite.


Can you escape the LabyREnth from Unit 42?

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The goblins are at the gate, and in this final hour it’s time for your many hours studying the blade, mastering the blockchain, and cultivating inner strength to be put to use. You’ll have until 4:00 p.m. pacific time on July 23, 2017 to test your mettle against the seemingly endless hordes of more than 25 security challenges. Will you answer the call?


Electronic Medical Records are about to get more secure

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If you're working in healthcare, Electronic Medical Records, or EMR, then the Epic application may be familiar to you. We're about to make your life easier!


What's a TAP interface and what can it do?

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Some interface modes are very straightforward while others can be a little more complex. The TAP interface can bring a wealth of information without interference.


LiveWeek 2 Jun 2017

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To disable or not to disable, that is the question. (We have the answer, too!) Watch our video to set up an IPSec VPN tunnel. Reverse engineer the LabyREnth from Unit 42 -- capture the flag and win more than swag! Follow us on Twitter, check out our massive video library on YouTube, and come to Ignite.


LabyREnth calls the genius in you

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Calling all hackers, code monkeys, and general geniuses at large! Start unraveling, decoding, analysing and reverse engineering Unit 42's second annual Capture the Flag contest, with LabyREnth lying in wait till the June 9 official start date. Win a ton of $$$$$ and brandish your brain to boot!


GlobalProtect IPv6 Troubleshooting Part 2 LSVPN

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Joe's Troubleshooting articles on GlobalProtect and IPv6 continue with Part 2 that covers LSVPN and GlobalProtect IPv6.


DotW: To disable or not to disable, that is the question.

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You may have noticed the option to disable new applications in the scheduled content updates, but why would you want to enable this option?


LiveWeek 26 May 2017

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URL filtering with PAN-OS 8.0. Setting up an IPSec tunnel (we show you how). Let's refresh what we know about zone protection and QoS, adding a quality discourse on historical stats. Win a bundle of $$$$$ with Unit 42's LabyREnth Capture the Flag challenge! RESPECT for your journey at 'What I wish I had known starting with Palo Alto Networks.' See you at Ignite, where you've got questions and we've got answers. 


Hats off to you! What I wish I had known starting with Palo Alto Networks

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Thanks to everyone who participated in ‘Starting with Palo Alto Networks — What I wish I had known.’ Discussion responses range from the firewall to Panorama and back again. We appreciate all you shared and all we learned, which speaks highly of your positive engagement and support for the community and each other. We thank you. Check out a few highlights from the discussion and a response to a common question about how the Live Community differs from Fuel User Group.


Setting up an IPSec VPN Tunnel

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A VPN allows you to create a secured network connection over a traditional network by encrypting all communication between two hosts.  Let's take a look at how to set up a site-to-site tunnel that uses strong IPSec encryption!


DotW: URL filtering with PAN-OS 8.0

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If you are new to PAN-OS 8.0 and have started using URL filtering, consider this a mini FAQ to clarify new features or default settings for PAN-OS 8.0 URL filtering.


LiveWeek 19 May 2017

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WanaCrypt0r ransomware and ways that Palo Alto Networks can help you defend your network. Are you using custom applications that require greater overhead? Do you need to improve performance for IPSec traffic? TCP MSS adjustment might be just what you need. Clear commit queues and stop a running commit on PAN-OS 7.1 and later. Check this: Step 1. Scripting. Step 2. Retrieving reports using the XML API. Step 3. Learn how. The Live Community has a brand new look, just for you. Slide on through and tell us what you think.


Pulling reports using the XML API

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Scripting makes the admin's task a lot easier, reports tell the admin what's up and how things are going. The logical next step is to retrieve reports using XML API.


Palo Alto Networks protects against WanaCrypt0r and other ransomware attacks

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Want to know more about the latest WanaCrypt0r ransomware and ways that Palo Alto Networks can help you defend your network from these attacks? Please click to read more.



TCP MSS adjustments

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Are you using custom applications that require greater overhead or do you need to improve performance for IPSec traffic? TCP MSS adjustment might be just what you need!


LiveWeek 12 May 2017

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A high load on the management CPU -- how to deal. T is for troubleshooting GlobalProtect IPv6. OTP 2FA OMG, but we speak Geek and GlobalProtect. Accessing the User-ID agent or AD on a different interface. The experts speak at Ignite. Be there, sporting your Live Community t-shirt (see how to get one). Tech Docs tells all about Aperture, including SAML support, Traps, PAN-OS, and VM-Series on Azure Government Cloud. All here in your Live Community.


Accessing the User-ID agent or AD on a different interface?

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You want to fetch user information for the clientless User-ID or the installed User-ID agent, but your management interface is Out Of Band, now what?



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One Time Password (OTP) based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) really sounds like a mouthful (of acronym OMG RTFM), but in today's security landscape, steps need to be taken to make remote connections more secure.


Tips & Tricks: GlobalProtect IPv6 Troubleshooting (T is for...)

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This week's Tips & Tricks is all about GlobalProtect IPv6 Troubleshooting.


LiveWeek 05 May 2017

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Whassup with applications and services in the security policy? Is there a difference and should you be worried about how each is implemented? All about the new Panorama 8.0 and the logs and log collector upgrades required after upgrading -- let's clear up any confusion. Joe's tasty alphabet soup cooks up D for Duo (with MFA thrown in) and A for Azure to PAN VPN. Our support engineer creates a workflow and troubleshooting checklist for policy enforcements. Remember June 16 for Panorama certificate expiration. Be sure you're all signed up for the next LiveWire newsletter, follow and retweet at Twitter, and catch the latest on our YouTube channel.


High Loads on Management CPU

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Seeing a high load on management CPU is not entirely uncommon. Certain processes can cause a spike in CPU.  Still feeling uncomfortable with these spikes? Then there are a few tips and tricks to help reduce the load.


What's a service anyway?

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What's the deal with applications and services in the security policy? Is there a difference and should you be worried about how both are implemented?


Tutorial: Clearing Commits

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This tutorial explains how you can clear commit queues on PAN-OS 7.1  and later versions.  It also discusses how you can stop a running commit!


Upgrade Panorama logs to PAN-OS 8.0 (FAQ)

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Lots of discussions on the Live Community ask about the new Panorama 8.0 and the logs and log collector upgrades needed after upgrading. There is some confusion about the upgrades. I answer these questions in this blog.


LiveWeek 28 Apr 2017

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Fighting vs filtering it out, and a robust recommendation for application filtering. Check out Duo MFA (multi-factor authentication) for trusted access with SSO. Secure the citadel and protect against Shamoon2 and a variant of the IoT/Linux botnet, Tsunami, which we named Amnesia. April LiveWire has arrived! Globetrot with us in 'low cost' digs just in time for Ignite. Discussions, tips & tricks, videos and more. All here in your Live Community.


Tutorial: GlobalProtect Client Certificate Authentication (C is for...)

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Do you use GlobalProtect? Do you want to set up Client Certificate Authentication? 

If so, then you are in luck.  With the latest Video Tutorial, you will see what is needed to get this up and running.


Cert Configurations for GlobalProtect

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Ever wondered what solution is best for you ? Do you get lost on all the different certificate options you have in GlobalProtect ? Check out this article which explains all the different certificate options in a nutshell!


What are the recommended applications for internet access?

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Last week I was asked by several people what the recommended applications are to allow out to the internet, check out how I solved their conundrum.


Fight ... errr ... Filter it out!

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Ever felt like you’re missing out on something super nifty but can’t put your finger on it ? Check out this blog to see if you missed something!


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