How to Configure Email Notifications for Security Policy Changes

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Security rule changes can be viewed at Monitor > Logs > Configuration. The filter, (cmd eq edit), is used to view the changes, as shown below:

This document describes the steps to configure email notifications on security policy changes (including add/edit/delete operations).


  1. Go to Device > Server Profiles > Email
  2. Configure an email server profile. An example is shown below:
  3. Go to Device > Log Settings > Config
  4. Edit the log settings and set the Email field to the email server profile configured in Step 2 above.

owner: kadak


Thanks for the post. I have tried your instructions and it works very well, except I get emails for every single operation. Is there a way to do the same but limit the emails to commits only?

( cmd eq commit )


I haven't tried this but hvcomputech's experience is exactly what my first reaction was. Wouldn't this send an email for every operation?

Hello there!!

Thank you for the post! 

I think this tittle is not precise, because if you configure this, you are gonna receive an e-mail every config log, not just policy config logs.



Is there a way to restrict what type of config log is sent? Or no?