How to Enable HTTP Header Logging and Track URLs Accessed by Users

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PAN-OS 6.1



HTTP header logging was introduced in PAN-OS 6.1. This document explains how to enable the HTTP header logging and how to track URLs accessed by individual users in the network.



  1. Configure a URL Filtering Profile under Objects > Security Profiles.
  2. Configure necessary actions for each respective category.
  3. Navigate to settings in the URL filtering profile and enable User-Agent, Referer, X-Forwaded-For checkboxes under HTTP Header Logging.
  4. Create a security policy for traffic of interest.
  5. Under Profile Settings, call the configured URL Filtering Profile and select OK.
  6. Commit the configuration.
  7. Navigate to Monitor > Logs > URL filtering. Use the filter to select the source user.
    Note: The referrer field will list out the URLs visited by the end user. The individual log will look like this:
  8. Under HTTP header, use the referrer field to get the actual URLs each user accessed.


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Will this also send the URL log to syslog?

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