Panorama ACC Summary Data No Longer Populated After Upgrade to Panorama 7.0

by jperry1 on ‎11-30-2015 05:28 PM - edited on ‎05-13-2016 02:24 PM by (3,817 Views)


After upgrading Panorama to PAN-OS 7.0, the ACC (Application Command Center) Summary data is no longer being populated.



In PAN-OS 7.0, the ACC uses summary data rather than appstats data.


Prior to PAN-OS 7.0, the appstat data was forwarded to Panorama to populate the ACC, even if logs were not explicitly configured to forward.



Under the new system, managed firewalls need to be running PAN-OS 7.0, as well as Panorama. The datasource can then be changed to the remote device. If a managed firewall is a pre PAN-OS 7.0, then log forwarding must be turned on. If you would like to view ACC log source as "Panorama" and not "Remote Device" then log forwarding must be turned on.




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