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Overview Panorama automatically backs up configurations from managed devices. In many circumstances, such as configuration rollback or device restoration, the device configuration needs to be restored with a backup configuration saved on Panorama. This document describes how to restore a device from a configuration backed up on Panorama. Steps On Panorama, go to Panorama > Managed Devices and identify which device to restore configuration. Choose a device and go to the Backups row. Click on Manage. A window will appear with all available configurations backed up since the device has been registered on Panorama. Note: Configuration versions or saved configurations that appear locally on device prior to registration will not be synced. Choose the configuration to push on the device and click on Load, which is in the action row. The selected configuration is being loaded on device and will replace candidate configuration. Trigger a commit locally on the device or directly from Panorama by switching the context from Panorama to Device. owner: nbilly
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nbilly ‎10-14-2014 09:05 AM
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