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Endpoint Protection

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Deploying traps endpoint security manager behind F5 load balancer

Hello all,I need to know the steps and prerequisites for deploying 2 traps endpoint security manager in the DMZ behind F5 load balancer knowing that w...

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Latest TRAPS Content Update missing from Dynamic Updates

I received an email yesterday from 'updates@paloaltonetworks.com' regarding a new TRAPS Content Update being available for download: "A new versi...

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Feature Request for TMS: Add a Column 'Endpoint Group' to the Enpoints View

Would be cool to identifiy really inactive endpoints faster. I put these endpoints in an own group.

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Endpoint Traps

Hi, New to Traps,switched from traditional AV Does Traps support Device Control and Web filtering?

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Monitor the state of the Traps Agent

Working on a dashboard to monitor the status of the Traps Agents we have on our environment.So far, I have found a registry keyHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFT...

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Endpoint Protection Blogs

New Enhanced Features Traps Agent 5.0.7

Jul 23, 2019

Check out the new enhanced features for Traps Agent 5.0.7


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New Features Recap: Aperture, PAN-DB 2.0, WildFire 2.0.10 and Traps

Jan 10, 2019 — Catch up on the latest new features for Prisma SaaS (formerly Aperture), PAN-DB 2.0, WildFire 2.0.10 and Traps Management Service.

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Traps Agent 6.0.2 – New Features

Jun 11, 2019 — Check out the new Traps Agent features for June 2019.

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Traps Management Service June 2019 Updates

Jun 14, 2019 — Get all of the details on the latest updates for Traps management service for June 2019.

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