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4 hours ago

Linux Endpoints not showing up on dashboard

I rolled out Traps TMS agents for some Windows and Linux endpoints. The Windows agent is working fine. I can't see any Linux agent on the dashboard. H...

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Dropbox Smart Sync and Traps

Traps 6.1.3 or content 86 or Dropbox 87.3. Or combination causes problem with files which are in status online in Smart Sync. Locally synced files wor...

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a week ago

Exception for script

We have a legitime application which is running a script. This script and the chain is detected by traps as threat. So we would like to configure an e...

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a week ago

ESM server DMZ disconnected

Hi Community, We are having a problem on one of our ESM server that is for the machines that are connected using DMZ domain.And also as you can s...

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Traps 6.1.3

using TMS and trying to update machines from 6.1.2 to 6.1.3 fails. 6.1.2 stays connected and live, so it's no problem. But bit odd, normally version u...

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New Enhanced Features Traps Agent 5.0.7

Jul 23, 2019

Check out the new enhanced features for Traps Agent 5.0.7


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New Features Recap: Aperture, PAN-DB 2.0, WildFire 2.0.10 and Traps

Jan 10, 2019 — Catch up on the latest new features for Prisma SaaS (formerly Aperture), PAN-DB 2.0, WildFire 2.0.10 and Traps Management Service.

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