How to Import / Export a Project

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Can I export my project to another Expedition instance?


Yes you can !


Export a Project: 


Warning: Only Expedition Super-Users can Import and Export Projects.


  1. Login to your Expedition
  2. Go to Projects Tab
  3. Select the project you want to export and click on Settings

2018-05-17_14-14-22.pngProjects View     4. Go to the Import/Export sub-Tab

     5. Click on the Export button. 

     6. Click on Save



2018-05-17_14-20-18.pngImport Export View


Import a Project: 



    1. Create a new Project

    2. Click on Settings of the project

    3. Go to the Import/Export sub-Tab

    4. From the Import fieldset click on Browse to select the project to import

    5. Click on Save


Warning: In case the project already exists the content will be replaced by the new one, whatever it was in the project will be replaced with the new content.


The log connectors will be removed from the project because they reference devices that may not exists where you are importing the project.


2018-05-17_14-20-181.pngImport Export View