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Symptoms Sometimes you have the need to add the same Security Profile or Log forwarding Profile or even a TAG to a large amount of Security Policies. When the number of rules is really high the function MULTIEDIT can be sometimes SLOW. How can i perform BULK changes for common problems really FAST?   Diagnosis Solution With version 1.0.107, we introduced a new way to perform BULK CHANGES in a really super fast way.   From POLICIES you can use right click or click on the TOP RIGHT menu button for Options s      Here you will find all the available options for BULK CHANGES. At the time to select one option you will have to select if want to apply the change to all the Rules or just the selected ones. The changes will be made inmediatelly.    
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alestevez ‎07-08-2019 08:55 AM
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Expedition was conceived to reduce the time and efforts a security admin needs to improve and optimize their Palo Alto Networks configurations. Following that effort, we have added, within Expedition, support not only to run a BPA analysis if not also be able to remediate some of the failed checks (all related to Device Config) and now integration with the project IronSkillet. https://github.com/PaloAltoNetworks/iron-skillet 
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alestevez ‎07-05-2019 12:48 PM
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Release Notes:   Hotfix 1.0.107 Date 10/18/2018 Bug [MT-707] - LDAP TEST. Change the request from GET to POST [MT-719] - Rewording. Deselected Objects by Deselect Object [MT-726] - Problem to convert Shared Address-Group to vsys1 [MT-731] - The security_rules_tag, nat_rules_tag and appoverride_rules_tag were missing in clean_duplicated_members [MT-732] - CSV. Static Routes. When select the Template the view changes to PaloAlto importation [MT-735] - Used/Unused: Applications Groups [MT-737] - Juniper SRX FQDN objects migrated without a value [MT-742] - Objects: Hide Parents doen't dissapears shared objects [MT-745] - Security Rules: Export to Excel: Profiles are missing [MT-747] - Nat Editor: Source Translation doesnt work from the GUI [MT-750] - Unauthenticated Information Disclosure in Expedition (PAN-SA-2018-0016) New Feature [MT-694] - Add to Menu Security Rules: (bulk changes) add/remove Log Profile [MT-710] - Add new NAT Rule Action. Bi-directional Improvement [MT-718] - Add options from Rule Action to Bulk Changes on Security Rule's Menu [MT-725] - Add to Menu Security Rules: (bulk changes) add/remove Tags [MT-730] - Unify the two menus of the objects (Applications / Applications Groups) [MT-733] - Add to Menu Security Rules: (bulk changes) add/remove Profile Groups [MT-743] - STONESOFT. Fix Disabled subpolicies [MT-749] - Add options from Rule Action to Bulk Changes on Nat Rule's Menu [MT-751] - Update BPAT to 3.6.1   Hotfix 1.0.105 Date 09/19/2018 Fixes: [MT-263] - Activate ML/RE rules via rightclick without clicking firs with the left button. [MT-676] - MultiEdit changed parameters from GET to POST [MT-679] - Activate Set as Primary objects via rightclick  without clicking firs with the left button. [MT-680] - Activate Rule Actions via rightclick (Security)  without clicking firs with the left button. [MT-681] - CombineSecurity rules from Main Menu was not working properly [MT-682] - CISCO. The function addPrefixSuffix was removed. Added again to avoid import crash if ipsec tunnels defined. [MT-685] - Activate Rule Actions via rightclick (Application Override)  without clicking firs with the left button. [MT-689] - STONESOFT. Some member groups where created as duplicated objects because the naming [MT-693] - STONESOFT. Address differenciate between IPv4 and IPv6 [MT-705] - Add "Case Sensitive" on Menu option: "Search&Replace" [MT-706] - Export: Source configuration: missing Applications Groups New Features: [MT-360] - Improve Rule Search to include "by ID" in the search not just by name [MT-701] - Rule Menus: Added option "All Rules" to "Add Serial" to all the selection Improvements: [MT-86] - Output: Drop Apps into Shared: AppGroups where not moved properly [MT-519] - Join the two menus of the rules (Security) [MT-613] - Add Filter: (Predefined) Rules with Users [MT-687] - Join the two menus of the rules (Application Override) [MT-700] - STONESOFT. Use Objects in Memory for speed up migrations [MT-704] - Search & Replace: add Id] on grid "Replace"     Hotfix 1.0.104 Date 09/03/2018 Fixes: [MT-633] - Virtual Routes: edit static routes doesnt oder by column [MT-667] - Consolidations/Merge Nats [MT-668] - MERGE Objects. The Descriptions are appended even they are equal [MT-669] - Error JavaScript ServerProxy store Translation Type on Nat Editor [MT-672] - Remote exception when filtering for unused when clicked on Dashboard [MT-673] - Cloned Rule Nat [MT-674] - STONESOFT. Cidr from objects are not imported [MT-675] - STONESOFT. After GroupMember2IdAddress_improved new dummy objects were created New Functions: [MT-577] - Project Import. Verify the size of the file is smaller than MAX [MT-670] - Filters Nat/App override Policies: Add filter with Target   Hotfix 1.0.103 Date 08/28/2018 Fixes: [MT-654] - Tools: cloned rule exceeds the max lenght. [MT-661] - Merge by value. Descriptions were incorrectly merged between objects. [MT-663] - Missing options to calculate invalid services [MT-666] - Rule Enrichment is not importing discovered rules New Functions: [MT-662] - SNIPPETS. Add new type SPYWARE     Hotfix 1.0.92 Date 06/22/2018 Fixes: Output generation was broken if non utf characters or "&" were found in the description fields.  New Functions: Stonesoft: Added support for refuse action to be mapped with reset-both instead of drop   Hotfix 1.0.91 Date 06/21/2018 Fixes: Cisco Nats: Improved the support for object nats. New Functions: Added Best Practices version 3.0.6 After the Update you have to run an script to update to python36       sudo bash /var/www/html/OS/BPA/updateBPA306.sh  
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alestevez ‎12-19-2018 08:47 AM
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