Welcome to your New Live Community

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Welcome to your New Live Community


Since the launch of our original Live Community, the state of the web and user expectations have changed significantly. At the same time, the challenges faced by security and IT professionals have seen a massive shift. Now more than ever, fast access to quickly applicable solutions is critical to addressing security threats. But, perhaps even more critical is access to a community of smart, collaborative IT and security pros all working together to address similar challenges. There is no question that thousands of minds, working together to create and share ideas to counter security challenges, is far more powerful that a single engineer working alone.


So, with these key factors in mind, we’ve made some significant changes to the Live Community. We believe it will help you find the information you need and connect with over 25,000 of the most progressive IT and security pros, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We’re just getting started. We hope you like what you see and feel inspired to get involved. Read some featured articles, post a question, or better yet, answer a question! And, let us know what you think. In the end, this is your community and we are here to make it as useful as we can for you.


Curious about what’s new? Here are some details about some of the improvements you’ll see starting today:


Topic-based navigation

In the past, we received feedback that it was hard to browse and navigate to articles and other resources. So, we added a new Knowledge Base menu that provides pathways to helpful articles and information for Management, Configuration, Threat, and more. No more browsing pages of articles, only to get frustrated and have to rely on search, which, leads us to the next major improvement…


Search that works

A novel concept, right? The new search capabilities of the Live Community help you find things you need quickly. Through accurate auto-suggest to faceted drill-down by label (topic) to specific topics and a variety of options, search will take get you to what you need, when you need it. And, past power users need not worry – we didn’t completely leave the past behind. If you have old bookmarks to information or know a favorite article DOC-number you access frequently, just enter it and you’ll be automagically redirected to the new doc location.


Smart labels and tagging

With this release, we introduce a new concept called “Labels”. Think of labels as categories we recommend and reflect some of the common categories in our old community experience. Throughout the community, you can click on labels to see a filtered view, by topic, of things that interest you. Tags – terms contributed by you and the entire community - continue to play a major role. Just like labels, tags help you and others filter views of the site based upon a popular terms.


Faster, improved discussion forums

Discussion forums have changed significantly since launching the Live Community years ago. With this new release, you can jump into Discussions with one click and when you land, you can see the latest threads including Likes and count of contributions to help you figure out what’s hot and not. Within each thread, you can Like posts and even “Accept as a Solution” if an answer is helpful. You can also mark an answer “helpful”. That helps us know what works well for you and gives credit and improves the rank of others that contribute and help out.


Clean, easy to read articles

To make it fast and easy to consume technical information, the article format has been completely updated. Quick to scan and read. Easy on the eyes. We think you’ll like what you see and if you have comments on an article or think it was helpful, let us know.


Article features

Read something and want to be able to reference it later? Or, want to keep track of revisions and comments on an article? At the bottom of each article, right before the Comments area, is the “Article Options” dialog. Just click on that for the ability to Subscribe and follow changes or bookmark for later. If you bookmark it and want to find it later, simply click on your profile (upper left), choose “My Settings”, and select the “Subscriptions and Notifications” to find all of your bookmarks.


This is just the beginning. Let us know what you think and we look forward to seeing you in the Live Community!

by Laurent_Dormond
on ‎02-01-2017 06:22 AM



Since the new community forums, I have an issue with the "Printer Friendly" feature, which was a really usefull feature to quickly save relevant article in PDF (with PDF Creator or any tool).


The issue is that the header in the banner for example here Live -> Features -> Welcome to Live -> Getting Started


is displayed as well as the URL at the top of the page on the whole width of the page. That leads to allocate a small part of the page to the article body :





It is the same in any browsers (with slightly differences).


It would bew fine to optimize this feature if possible.


Kind Regards,



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