Free Community Shirt at Ignite + Apple Watch Giveaway

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Who doesn't like Free things? I know I do. But what about something Free that could win you something really cool, like an Apple Watch?

Well, you are in luck.

First, You have to be one of the first 100 community members to visit the Community booth at Ignite 2015 and get a Free Community T-shirt.

Second, after you have the shirt, if you are spotted at Ignite wearing such a handsom shirt by our secret staff, you will win an Apple Watch.

Only 5 lucky attendees will be selected during the event to Win the Apple Watch.

Be sure to stop on by the Community Booth early to get a Free Shirt.

Now, not everyone who gets a shirt will win an Apple Watch. Only 5 people will be chosen by our secret spotters to win.

Don't miss your chance to get a cool shirt, and possibly win an Apple Watch!

Good Luck!

Thanks for reading,

-Joe D.

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Here is the Booth.


This is what the shirts looked like,  They flew out of the booth booth before we knew it.


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We have our first Apple Watch Winner:

Chris D'Amore


Please come back to see more winners.

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We have a second Winner for an Apple Watch: Dwayne Perry:


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We have our 3rd Winner:

Wesley Taylor


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We have our 4th Winner:

Sonny Vu


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And our last winner!!

Mark Davison