Are You Attending Ignite '19?

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Join Palo Alto Networks at Ignite ’19 USA cybersecurity conference in Austin, TX on June 3, 2019, and get your hands on the most advanced security technology and see firsthand what it can do for you. Got Questions? Get Answers in LIVEcommunity!



On June the 3rd, thousands of security professionals will descend upon Austin, Texas to attend Ignite '19, the cybersecurity conference of the year. If you haven't reserved your spot just yet, you may want to take a look at all the things there are to learn and enjoy while there.


Monday is usually a good day to get settled in and explore the complex. If you want to get your hands dirty, attend one of the HOWs (Hands-On Workshops) about Security Best Practices, Safely Enabling SaaS or Deep Dive with SSL Decryption, or attend one of the many breakout sessions.


If you are not certified yet, or already have the ACE (for example) and want to up your level to PCNSA or PCNSE, now is a good time, as the examination is 100% free while at Ignite, and our EDU team has a study room available to help you prep for the exam.


After a day of roaming, studying, and getting your hands dirty, there is a welcome reception in the evening where you can enjoy drinks and snacks while roaming the main hall and checking out all the booths and activities.


Check out all the sessions, HOWs and Certification Prep sessions and find the ones you don't want to miss.


Tuesday and Wednesday will be the days you step into the rollercoaster and strap in for an exciting ride. Throughout the day you can attend several of our dozens of breakout sessions, HOWs, attend one of the coveted CyberRange sessions, talk to Palo Alto Networks support staff at the Beacon area, or check out our Partners' integration products.


During the general sessions on Tuesday Nir Zuk, Nikesh Arora, Lee Klarich, Prajakta Jagdala, and Vidya Gopalakrishnan will update you with all the latest and greatest insights into cybersecurity, upcoming and developing products and technologies, and much more.


Check out all the  Guest speakers.


Wednesday night is the official closing ceremony, which you won't want to miss—Live music, hands-on activities, drinks, food trucks, and good company!


Finally, Thursday is when things start to wind down, but you can still pick up on HOWs, breakout sessions, and walk around the expo hall until noon. And if you didn't manage to squeeze in an exam yet, you can still go for full certification until 5:00 PM.


If you haven't registered yet, it's not too late! You can find the registration form on the Ignite home page.



Make sure to check out the LIVEcommunity booth, #AskQuestions, #GetAnswers and walk away with #EpicLoot . ;)

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