Chillin' at the Exclusive LiveLounge

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Yesterday everyone had a blast during the Exclusive LiveLounge event, which was all about having a great time, getting some delicious drinks and tasties, and sharing ideas.


After the introductions, the tone was set by @jdelio@reaper and @kiwi sharing some 'funny/facepalm' moments from their time at Palo Alto Networks.


IMG_6014.JPGSharing some facepalm moments

It's always difficult to kick off an event so a special mention goes out to Paul who kicked off the LiveTalks with some great anecdotes about 'Fueling up' and 'Igniting'. Great work!




The evening continued with more talks and drinks, and as you can see from the pictures, everyone had a blast!




After all the talks, it was time to pick a grand-prize winner. Using our very own super secret and patented method, we decided John was the winner of the LiveTalks and he was given a super awesome I-watch! Well deserved, John!


IMG_6048.JPGCongratulations to John !

I'll wrap up with some pictures to show you that you just had to be there and as the expression goes "Les absents ont toujours tort" (He who is absent is always in the wrong).  Thanks to each and every one of you for making this happen!
































@kiwi out!