We get by with a little help from our friends

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We heard about three Solutions Engineers -- all with three-letter names (is that a job requirement?) behind the scenes, or in front, as the case may be -- infuse the Live Community with knowledge, insight, humor, and more than 30 years of experience in the security world. Let's find out more about these guyz.


Joe, Tom, and Kim power the community by answering questions, writing blogs, publishing articles, doing lots of work behind the scenes, and taking it all up a notch live and in person at Ignite. 


Kim was unable to join us at Ignite this year, but we got by with a whole lot of help from our friends, namely, Karthik Prakash, @kprakash, who helped immensely at the booth, and our Community Sentinels. First, meet Karthik.


Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 1.50.00 PM.pngAt Palo Alto Networks, Karthik works on the support escalation team.




We were also joined in the booth by 4 of our 6 Community Sentinels, who were able to make the trip to Anaheim: 


@Raido Raido Rattameister, Community Sentinel

@Brandon_Wertz Brandon Wertz, Community Sentinel

@Otakar.Klier Otakar Klier, Community Sentinel

@BPry Brandon Pry, Community Sentinel


and one of our very enthusiastic Community members:


@Lora Lora Fulton, Soon-to-be-minted Sentinel


Many of your hardest and most in-depth questions were answered by Sentinels.



Now meet our dedicated Solutions Engineers in the Live Community, working diligently to secure our digital way of life --


MEET JOE - jdelio


jdelio.jpgJoe - jdelio - Video game buff built his own computer from scratch and scraps in 1991!

JOE DELIO - jdelio

Everything’s a matter of perspective.

— Joe


I’m jdelio, aka Joe Delio, PCNSE 8.0, and I’ve been working at Palo Alto Networks since 2012. I’ve been in the network security field since 1996, about 5 years after I started building computers on my own. I enjoy spending time with my wife, playing with cars, pinball machines, video games, watching old movies and hiking.


I know way too much about older video games, and will talk endlessly about which is better, Nintendo or Sega. My other pursuits include building scale models of the great wall of China with toothpicks. I'm also up to the challenge of the Rubik's cube, having solved one in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 



MEET TOM - reaper


tom.jpgTom - reaper - Who doesn’t love blocking other people from accessing stuff on the interwebs? 

TOM PIENS - reaper

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

— Popular quote & Tom's motto

Reaper @PANWreaper
Who? Tom www.linkedin.com/in/tompiens/
What? Some guy that happens to know a thing or two about firewalls. CISSP. PCNSE.
Where? The country that has the best beer and invented fries (hint, it’s not France) 
When? Active in the security community from a time when stateful inspection was still a big thing and security was in its infancy 
Why? Who doesn’t love blocking other people from accessing stuff on the interwebs? :p 
How? Unknown, coffee appears to help 



MEET KIM - kiwi


team-pics-kiwi.jpgI like providing necessary access. That way, they'll like me more than Tom!


KIM WENS - kiwi

I see myself as the hero who just saved the princess. Crying and running into my arms would be a good start. 

— Kim


Who & What: Kim, or Kiwi, which is the nickname I was given by a previous coworker. I didn’t hate it and kept on using it, being too lazy to create my own…or was I just being practical, yeah that’s it!


Also, the guy with too many hobbies — anything from playing competition foosball to learning Japanese. I've been working in networking since 1999 and started doing more security stuff beginning in 2005. That was pretty much the time my oldest daughter started using her first computer and I decided I had to make things more secure.


Unlike Tom, I don’t like blocking other people’s access to the interwebs, but I rather prefer to provide necessary access… That way they’ll like me more than Tom. 😊


How? By just pressing random buttons! CISSP.


Find me on LinkedIn here: www.linkedin.com/in/kim-wens-6b27981/



We enjoyed meeting all of you!


Interested in becoming a Live Community Sentinel? Take a look at what we're looking for and join the ranks of a select few who regularly demonstrate a commitment to the Live Community and to Palo Alto Networks. We're looking to grow the Sentinels by 100% this year, so take a look, think about it, and throw your hat in the ring.