Commit Duplex Error if Speed Set to 1000 Mbps

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In PAN-OS , if the duplex on a 1000 Mbps port is not set to "auto" the system will display the following error message upon committing:

Interface eth1/x link speed is set to '1000', link-duplex MUST be set to 'auto'



This error response is by design in PAN-OS to report a configuration error. The only valid duplex option on a 1000 Mbps port is auto, this is defined within the IEEE 802.11 specification for 1000base-T


To change the duplex option via CLI, run the following command:

set network interface ethernet ethernet1/5 link-speed auto


owner: hshah


Any reasoning for this?  This tid-bit would have been nice to see on the release notes of 4.1.

All of PANOS 4.1.x and PaloAlto product has got a same problem?

PANOS 4.1.6 is same problem.

Why does this problem occur?

Has anyone from PA addressed this question?

This still happens in 5.0.6.

It is not a problem. The only available setting for 1000base-T is auto/auto/auto. This is defined within the IEEE 802.11 specification for 1000base-T.

Have a look at the wikipedia articles for "1000base-T" and for "autonegotiation" and "Auto-MDIX"

802.11 is the wireless standard.  Where does it say anything about auto being the only duplex option for 1000mbs in the 802.3 standard? 

802.3ab requires Auto Negotiation in Section 28D.5 Extensions required for Clause40 (1000BASE-T)