How to Determine Log Rate on VM Panorama or M-100 with a Log-Collector

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This document describes how to determine the logging rate on Panorama with a Log Collector.

Note: For Panorama 7.0, the Panorama Administrator's Guide describes how to Determine Panorama Log Storage Requirements.


When a Panorama Virtual Machine or M-100 is configured in Panorama Mode with a Log- Collector and is managing firewalls, the logging rate can be obtained using the Statistics link under Panorama > Managed Collectors.


Check to see the Average Logs/sec under Statistics.

logging rate.png

When the Panorama server is enabled to collect logs, the same statistics can be obtained from the CLI, using the command:


Note: There is a small difference in the log rate between the CLI and web UI because the Web UI displays the rate at which the logs are written to the M-100 RAID disks and is measured at 5 minute average intervals.

While the command line displays the rate at which the Log Collector has received the logs at any moment in time.

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The article above is ONLY true if you are using log collectors (which is not mentioned in the article).

Edit: Just tested, there is a difference between Panorama VM (no default log collector) and the M-100 (the M-100 is also registered as a log collector)