Palo Alto Networks Firewall Hardware Platform Specifications

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UPDATED 6-18-2018 with v50


The attached spreadsheet details key hardware specifications for all Palo Alto Networks devices.

Note: Input voltage, frequency, power factor and input current are based on power supply ratings.

The following details for all Palo Alto Networks devices are included in the spreadsheet:

  • Device model
  • Input voltage
  • Input frequency
  • Power factor
  • Maximum input current
  • Average/max power consumption
  • Heat dissipation
  • Maximum Current Consumption
  • Noise level in dBA
  • MTBF
  • CPU
  • DRAM
  • Flash
  • Storage (SSD, EMMC or HDD)
  • VCCI
  • RoHS compliance
  • Other regulatory and safety compliance certifications
  • Chassis dimensions and weight
  • Shipping weight
  • Product weight
  • Environmental Conditions (Humidity)
  • Battery (Also extra tab with battery info included)

 2 files attached,

one is a zip file with .xls file in it,

the other is a PDF of a .xls spreadsheet.


owner: panagent



Waiting for the new platform specification like PA 3000 Series and M100.


An update to this doc in in process, will be released in the next week or so...


is PA3000 MTBF published?

Do you have avg. power consumption data for M-100?

Are there anyway to show DRAM in cli ?

For RAM on the cli see

Show system resources

This will show total memory and amount in current use.

Could you, please, update the table with PA-3060 specs ? Even though the internal architecture and traffic flow is nearly identical with PA-3050, airflow, chassis and power subsystem are different.

PA-3060 specs, as well as AC and DC PA-7050 and PA-7080 and M-500 have been added.

Could you update this sheet with PA-220, PA-800 series, and PA-5200 series?