Put your Best Firewall Forward with the BPA (Episode 4) Learning Happy Hour

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Episode Timeline

1:45 - Thank Yous to the Live Community and Palo Alto Networks Education

4:44 - What is the BPA?

5:30 - Why the BPA?

6:53 - How to access the BPA?


16:48 - Interview with Nate Bitting, Director of Customer Experience Automation

43:00 - Tacoma Bob's Breaches and the GREAT MALWARE TRIVIA Wrestling Showdown Contest Quiz Competition Contest

58:08 - Bob explains DGAs!

1:03:20 - What We Learned This Week


Episode Resources:

Best Practice Assessment FAQ 

Palo Alto Networks Education Page

Prevention Architecture Page

How-To Video on BPA

Understanding the BPA Video

Best Practices documentation

Unit42 Predicting Malicious Domains

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