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Have you ever wondered *HOW* the Palo Alto Networks NGFW processes traffic flowing through the dataplane? Have you ever needed to troubleshoot a routing or NAT problem? Have you wondered why certain traffic isn't making it through the firewall and there isn't a log indicating why? This episode will help explain what *exactly* the firewall is doing with packets as they flow through session setup and inspection! Episode Feedback: learninghappyhour@paloaltonetworks.com
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mdensley ‎10-31-2019 09:10 AM
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It's another episode of Learning Happy Hour! When PAN-OS 9.0 was released back in February, we also unveiled the fastest next-generation firewall in the world: the PA-7000 Series powered by a fresh generation of line cards! Graham Garrison joins us from ETAC to explain the hows and the whys behind the PA-7000 Series. We also talk about the new K2-Series firewall and global counters! Graham is a troubleshooting guru and he explains why he eats global counters for breakfast every day.     Episode Feedback: learninghappyhour@paloaltonetworks.com   Episode Resources: What's New in PAN-OS 9.0 PA-7000 Series More K2-Series How To Check Global Counters And Filters Compare next-generation firewalls  
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jyates ‎07-16-2019 09:37 AM
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