CLI Commands for Troubleshooting BrightCloud URL Database Download

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This document describes the CLI commands that can be used to verify a successful connection to the BrightCloud server.


Command to test BrightCloud connectivity

>debug device-server test url-update-server

This command will return either “success” or “failure to connect to url update server”.

Command to manually load the BrightCloud URL DB into the Palo Alto Networks device:

> request url-filtering upgrade brightcloud

Command to delete the BrightCloud database from the Palo Alto Networks device:

> debug device-server reset brightcloud-database

cfg.latest-url-version: 0

cfg.url-version: 0

Command to capture the initial download of the URL DB into the file, test_bc_download.pcap:

> request url-filtering upgrade brightcloud test

Command to view the progress of the download and packet capture:

> tail follow yes mp-log pan_bc_download.log

Command to view the test pcap:

> view-pcap filter-pcap test_bc_download.pcap

14:58:07.518025 IP > P 3727295829:3727297233(1404) ack 1969658105 win 64895 <nop,nop,timestamp 61965404 17298843>

14:58:07.518041 IP > . ack 1404 win 136 <nop,nop,timestamp 17298870 61965404>

The pcap file may also be exported to an external host by scp or tftp:

> tftp export filter-pcap from test_bc_download.pcap to <tftp host>

> scp export filter-pcap from test_bc_download.pcap to username@host:path

To verify the Status of the BrightCloud Servers and cross-check any service disruptions, visit:

owner: apasupulati

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Hello I have done this cheking and I obtain next result after enter next command  > tail follow yes mp-log pan_bc_download.log



but I dont how ca I fix the problem?


What version of PAN-OS are you on? I've seen this error before, but on a very old PAN-OS

You may need to upgrade your device