Commit Warning after Upgrade: 'No GlobalProtect portal license'

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After upgrading to PAN-OS 6.0, the following commit warning appears:

No GlobalProtect portal license:

vsys1 portal "GlobalProtect Portal" config "GlobalProtect Client" modify gateways cutoff time will not take effect.


Since the message is a warning, the commit does not fail.


The warning will occur if the GlobalProtect configuration for Cutoff Time value is 0 or any modified value other than 5. The Gateway Cutoff Time is the amount of time (in seconds) the GlobalProtect Agent will wait for the gateway to respond, before connecting to the best gateway. The agent will attempt to connect to the gateways that responded within the specified Cutoff Time.


  1. Go to Network > GlobalProtect > Portal and select the appropriate portal. Go to the Client Configuration tab:
  2. Click the appropriate client configuration and go to the Gateways tab to access the Cutoff Time field, as shown below:
  3. Delete the value in Cutoff Time to blank. The value of "5 (0 -10)" will display in the field using either option in grey by default. Click OK.
  4. Commit the changes and the warning should no longer appear.

owner: dtickoo


The warning message remains same if the cutoff is left blank or 5, where the default is 5. However whenever i changed the cutoff to 0. The warning message disappeared.


Aamir Khan

After upgrading from 5.0.11 to 6.0.4 I also had this warning.

I deleted the "0" (to blank) to get the default showing up and the warning disappeared after the commit.

So worked for me.