Deleted Custom Reports Showing Up on the Report > Monitor Tab

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A deleted custom report shows up under Reports > Monitor Tab, as shown below:



To delete files in the custom report, run the following command:

> delete report custom scope <shared or VSYS #> report-name <Report-Name> file-name *

This will remove the deleted custom report from showing up in the Reports section.

owner: kalavi

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I have a similar, but different issue.

I have a custom report that I have deleted from the "Manage Custom Reports" tab, and have cleared all old reports as described above; while this deletes the reports themselves, I get a "Server error : unable to remove directory for 'Test Report'" error from the command line, and the report is still showing up in 'Reports'.

Not only that but it's still running - so every day I get a new copy of the report being generated - it's as if an orphaned copy of the scheduled report has been created and is no longer available within the GUI to delete.

Is there any way from the command line UI to force-ably delete a scheduled report?