GlobalProtect Requests System Keychain Access on Mac OS X Clients

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Machine Certificate authentication is used on MAC OS X clients. During the GlobalProtect connection process, the user needs to enter the Local Administrator account credentials to allow access to the System keychain twice.


When using Machine Certificates with GlobalProtect on Mac OS X Clients, the certificate must be accessed from the "System" keychain in MAC OS X.  This will cause a Keychain Access prompt to appear twice when the client attempts to access the certificate for verification against both portal and gateway.


  1. Open the Keychain Access application and locate the Machine Certificate issued to Mac OS X Client in the System keychain.
  2. Right-click on the private key associated with Certificate and click Get Info, then go to the Access Control tab
  3. Click '+' to select an Application to allow
  4. Press key combination <Command> + <Shift> + G to open Go to Folder
  5. Enter '/Applications/' and click Go
  6. Find PanGPS and click it, and then press Add
  7. Save Changes to private key

The steps above allows GlobalProtect access to only THIS certificate and private key.  It will no longer prompt for keychain access, giving users a seamless, no-touch experience with Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect.


The procedure has to be done again every time client is updated.

owner: panagent


The procedure has to be done again every time client is updated.

Has anyone found a programitc/scripted way to deal with this?  Requring an admin to touch the endpoint every time this happens is not a great workaround.

hi @Pat_Daley you may want to ask tis question in the Discussion Forum as this is a KB article that descibes a workaround around a limitation in MacOS 

If you are running JAMF there will be a release in September that allows you to set certificates automatically in Keychain -> Access Control -> "Allow all applications to access this item". 


Apple/JAMF worked together to allow this feature from what I was told. I would recommend making sure that the certificate is not exportable.