How to Allow a Single Vimeo Video and Block All Other Vimeo Videos

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Please follow these following steps to allow a single Vimeo video (Example -, for all users while blocking all other Vimeo videos:

  1. Create a custom URL category inside Objects > Custom Objects > URL Category and click add to create a new URL category, then click add again to add the URL as below.

  2. Next, go to Objects > Security Profiles > URL Filtering. Click on the URL filtering name you want to use and then inside the allow list of the url filtering profile, add the following URLs:

  3. Add this URL filtering profile in the security policy to restrict/allow this Vimeo video.
  4. Commit to make these changes take affect.  

Note: This allows all users to access this single Vimeo video while blocking the rest of Vimeo. A decryption policy may need to be enabled, so that the Palo Alto Networks firewall can identify the Vimeo link properly.

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If I want to block 'streaming media' and whitelist all of vimeo this list of URL overrides doesn't work..


Hi @mpgioia

this list is only valid for allowing a single video, for the whole site i defer you to the discussion you started and was solved : Whitelist vimeo via URL override; while 'streaming media' category is blocked

Roger @reaper.. bless you for all your help in these communities.. It's brilliant !

Wouldn't the inclusion of  *  just allow all Vimeo video's since they are all under ?