How to Restart the Management server "mgmtsrvr" Process - WebGUI

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  • The WebGUI is sluggish or unresponsive
  • Admins are showing logged in who have already logged out
  • An authorization code has been entered but not activated or updated for a license
  • Logs not showing up inside of the WebGUI
  • The CLI command: show system resources shows the mgmtsrvr process using excessive memory


To resolve these issues, it is recommended that you restart the Management server process.

Use the following steps to restart the Management server process:

  1. Enter the CLI command:

    PAN-OS 6.1

    > debug software restart management-server


    PAN-OS 7.0 and above

    > debug software restart process management-server
    Note: This restarts the 'mgmtsrvr' process, if there are any logged in admins when this happens, they will be kicked from the WebGUI as well as the CLI.
  2.  After a couple of minutes, please log into the WebGUI or CLI again.
  3. To check on the Management server process, Run the CLI command:
    > show system resources | match mgmtsrvr

    This should show it using far less memory now than before.  The WebGUI should now function correctly.
    > show system resources | match mgmt
    2140       20   0  708m 484m 9828 S    2 12.9   8:13.06 mgmtsrvr


owner: jdavis


The command above to restart the process results in a syntax error for me in PANOS 7.0.3.  The command requires the 'process' keyword as follows:

debug software restart process management-server


during the process of restarting the managment-server I got the following error.

Server error : Failed to restart deamon mgmtsrvr


any thoughts on how to restart the services ?

@Irteza, The above commands should restart the Management server process. 

If it cannot, as you have stated above, then you may have to dig into the system logs to see what is happening.


I would say to try it again, but if it returns the same error, then you may have to contact support in order to help troubleshoot why this is happening.  OR when you can- restart the device.


Irteza, did you get a resolution other than restart the device?  This is not a satisfactory answer in my opinion.  PAN Support should list out possible reasons for this issue along with many other Errors and their causes.  

Cavium, Thanks for follow up , I had to reload the device. Now I have upgraded to 8.0.7 and haven't felt the need to restart the management server process

will this affect the control plane (routing) or data plane through the box? just wanted to make sure, as we need to see if this fixes the issue we are having with the ACC stuck "In progress"

hi @ROHO


It may

any process dependent on a process in the management plane (User-ID, URL filtering cloud lookups, FQDN, ..... ) may be impacted. Core routing/App-ID/Content-ID etc will be fine

@reaper thanks reaper. we restarted the management-server with the command below, and ACC is now restored.


debug software restart process management-server

so i restarted the process, but now i can not log on through the web gui...  I get an error that says .... Connecting to Management Server Failed



but i can log onto the device through SSH with the creds...


any ideas?

hi @SLunney


You should be able to log back on by now, rebooting the mgmt server restores ssh access fairly quickly but the GUI may take a little while