How to Upgrade User-ID Agent?

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To upgrade the User-ID agent:


  1. Navigate to services and stop the service User-ID Agent.

    User-ID Agent service.png

  2. Navigate to Program Files > Paloalto Networks > User-id agent.  Zip the user-id agent folder and back it up to a different location.
  3. Log into and download the latest User-Id Agent.
  4. Perform the install.
  5. Once the install is done, the latest agent should start running with all the configs retrieved from the previous agent.


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Hey all - even though this original post is from 2012 and edited in 2015.  This process still works for upgrading User-ID Agent 7.0.  Successfully upgraded from 7.0.3-13 to 7.0.7.-13 on Windows Server 2012 by following these steps. 

Appending on here, this works for large upgrades and is still accurate. Upgraded from 4.1.6-5 to 8.0.5-7 with no issues on Windows 2008.

Updating this post: I successfully upgraded from 7.0.2-2 to 8.0.4.

Before UiA update, it is good to remove old file 'ADUserIPMap'.


I have upgraded from 7.0.7-13 to 8.0.9-6 and when new version UiA started, it loaded mentionted file. UiA wrong identify  username (it use whole string after ip address) and as a result users got wrong bindings. Example:


" domain\username 12345678909 Thu Jun 10 10:10:10 2018"


Used username:
"domain\username 12345678909 Thu Jun 10 10:10:10 2018"