No Support Information Available Error

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When opening the Device > Support page, the Palo Alto Networks firewall reports a "No update information available" error and support information is not displayed.




Lack of internet connectivity to updates to



The support page contains information that requires the firewall to access the Palo Alto Networks servers. If no internet access is available when opening the support page, the error will occur.


Make sure the management port (or the data port configured in Device > Setup > Services > Service Route Configuration) has internet access and can resolve DNS to


owner: acamacho

by f.balushi
on ‎01-19-2015 01:32 AM

how can i get this information updated in devices that has no Internet connections.

by pulukas
on ‎01-19-2015 03:54 AM

You cannot get the updates to list on the device without both DNS and internet access.

You can configure the updates to occur on another port besides the mgmt interface.

Or you can log into the support portal and download the updates and install them manually on this same interface.

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