OPSWAT Support Charts for GlobalProtect 3.1.x

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GlobalProtect agent collects vendor-specific data about the end-user security packages that are running on the computer (as compiled by the OPSWAT global partnership program) and reports this data to the GlobalProtect gateway for use in policy enforcement. Following are the third-party vendor products that GlobalProtect can detect using the specified OPSWAT SDK.


The attached pdf documents pertain to GlobalProtect version 3.1.x.


Additional Information

by eryu1w
on ‎09-06-2016 02:24 PM

Thanks for posting this article. However, a client using Norton 360 22.x (360 premier) was not recognized by the GP HIP. It supports 20.x engine at this point. So the Support Charts should be updated with versions.

by jjason
on ‎11-30-2016 04:23 PM

OPSWAT Support Charts for GlobalProtect - Updates for version 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 please!

by xubihuib
on ‎03-22-2018 06:26 PM

 hi, i want to know whether the globalprotect 3.0.3 can connect to PANOS 8.0 ? thx

by Community Manager
on ‎03-23-2018 06:47 AM
by xubihuib
on ‎03-25-2018 09:03 PM

hi , Reaper

But i can use 3.1.x GP to connect PAN-OS 8.0


by Community Manager
‎03-26-2018 04:55 AM - edited ‎03-26-2018 04:56 AM

hi @xubihuib 

It may connect but it is not supported

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